Is there no end to endo?

I was first diagnosed with endometriosis in august 2012 after numerous trips to the doctors with cramping,bloating,rrecurrent thrush,rrecurrent bladder infections and the inability to have sex due to the pain. The final straw was when i was told i needed psychological therapy as the symptoms were in my head! Anyhow i went private and saw a lovely consultant who arranged a lap to which they usedbto diagnose me. Two months after the procedure i was very fortunate and fell pregnant so when i was due my follow up the doctor wasn't paticularly interested as i was then pregnant so i didn't have a very good follow up in terms of how this will effect me in the future. So two years on i have started experiencing similar symptoms again- cramping, bladder problems, burning feeling internally, lower back ache. My periods are regular but the biggest change is that my symptoms appear more present during ovulation as opposed to when im having my period. Does anyone else share this? Or experience this? I feel so tired during this period (excuse the pun) aswell and holding down a demanding job and looking after a 2 year old is challenging. I have been back to the doctors but she was unclear whether she thought endo had returned. I feel i am back to square one again 😯 I have read that once you have a baby you never get it again however now im not so sure 😕

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  • It is completely untrue that once you have a baby it won't come back, I'm not sure who told you that but it's certainly not the case! Endo is an incurable, returning condition and needs proper treatment when symptoms return. Go back to your doctor and ask to be referred to your specialist again and see what they suggest.

    Good luck x

  • The good news is your endometriosis does halt growth while you're pregnant. Bad news is whatever was there before will be there after you give birth.

  • I'm recently diagnosed- only had lap op two weeks ago so I know what you're going through. I'd say keep asking questions or ask to see another doc if that one not taking it seriously. I've spent three years being sent away and then having different tests and only just got an answer. Trust your instinct- you know your own body and if something isn't right. I think endo could come back judging by stories I've heard from other women but maybe you'll be lucky, good luck x

  • Thank you. I hope you are recovering ok. X

  • Now started on Cerezette to see if this helps with symptom control. If no better in 2 months have to be re referred back to gynae

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