endo on diaphragm can you still get pregnant

hello i was just wondering if anyone who has endo on the diaphragm has got pregnant ? i had a lap nearly a year ago they had found endo on my pelvis and have said they removed it all but im still getting all sypmtoms and i get a bad shoulder when having period the only cause could be endo on the diaphragm the docs have said they have checked the diaphragm but i have read on endopeadia which another member recommended to me on here and there is a certain way or them to check all your diaphragm which they did not do on me i have an appointment in march with gyne but i dont no what will be the next step he was adoment that they checked and removed all endo but then when i told him i read endopedia he then told me aw but it can come back and they may do another lap soon i have to keep record of my symptoms for now though im worried i havent to been able to get pregnant so i would like to no if anyone with endo on diaphragm have been able to when they did my lap they said that they removed what was on my pelvis and flushed through all my tubes and everything is good there is no reason i cant get pregnant so i really deep down think i have it on my diaphragm and was wondering could that be whats stopping me or have anyone managed to get pregnant with endo on your diaphragm also do the contreceptive pill treat endo or just block it out so if i take the pill when i come of it will there be a chance the endo have gone or do all sypmtoms just come back so it dont actually treat it just blocks it im confused i am going to ask doctor about it but just thought id ask people who are actually going through what im going through first please answer if you have any idea or info i would really appreciate it x thanks

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  • Hi, the pill basically masks (blocks) endo symptoms as it mimics pregnancy altering your hormonal balance. It won't get rid of it completely, but can prevent it getting worse in milder less aggressive cases.


    You could have endo on your diaphragm, I can't exactly see how it would affect your chances of getting preg unless there's a lot and it increases the circulation of inflammatory mediators which would hinder implantation. If they have got it away from your womb, ovaries etc it bodes well. Remember even for totally healthy couples it can take up to a year. I got preg just after they suspected I may have endo on diaphragm/ilium as I'd had issues for years in upper gi. I realised the pain only occurred whenever I was bleeding.

    (If you haven't already)

    Start charting your temp/cervical mucus etc along with your endo symptoms. You can download bbt charts for free online.

    Also try pregnacare preconception for both you and your husband and if possible you should prob both cut out alcohol completely. Endo diet also v good.

    Lots of luck xx

  • thanks for info very helpful i have been intimate without birth control for 5 years and i have never caught pregnant i had my lap nearly a year ago and still nothing i hardly drink either do you no of any other reasons why i wouldnt be able catch x x

  • There are many probable causes of infertility - endo usually causes issue with implantation due to changing the chemical environment making it inhospitable to implantation of an embryo, or it causes damage to your anatomy that interferes with normal processes.

    If you have irregular cycles you could have polycystic ovarian syndrome, or your hubby may have a low sperm count - could be nothing to do with your body. There are tonnes more things it could be, with some people it's unexplained.

    I think at this point, esp if you are over 30 you need to get your gp to refer you to a fertility specialist to pursue some tests and possibly treatment. Definitely start charting as a specialist will ask you to do this anyway so it will speed things up if you have it done beforehand. The my days app is very good for this and you can chart your bbt etc., I found working on paper easier though. Good luck

  • I had endo on my diaphgram, and it was cleared away in a lap. I got pregnant soon after. I also did some life style changes. Started running, doing more exercises, no coffee, alcochol, very little sweets, green veggie cocktails. It is also important to check your husband and his sperm count, as many times women with endo just think that they can not get pregnant because of that. But often their hubbies had problems as well. In modern times, because of mobile phones in mens pockets and laptops on their knees, med often have problems with sperm and general fertility. Good luck.

  • when you had your lap where did they make the incision was it under belly button or by your ribs and how long after your lap did you get pregnant? thanks for your reply x

  • My incisions were in the usual place, under my belly button and in the belly button. I got pregnant 9 months later. I was operated by surgeon professor Garry. He was really good. I had stage 4 endo, my lap went for 5 hours. After operation he told me to try to get pregnant as soon as possible and did not give me any hormonal tablets. After pregnancy I was endo free for about 8 years, now it has grown back again. :(

  • aww thats horrible that its come back i hope you manage to have sorted soon its horrible to live with

    after you had your lap did you have any symptoms when you were having period like clots etc or did everything go straight away or gradually x

  • The first period after op was really horrible, the biggest pain of may life. But after that it was 3 days a lot of blood, 2 days little blood. All over in 5 days, minimums pain, much better. Specially after I started using Evening primrose oil and different vitamins.

  • with mine i bleed heavy for three days and have big clots and then light for 3-4 days and my pain is still bad in my stomach the past 3 i have had though i have had no shoulder pain which is a blessing. i had my lap 10 months ago i haven't took any pills apart from painkillers and i find really hot baths help the pain. but i think im going to try the evening primrose oil and see how they work for me. were you taking them well you were trying to get pregnant?

  • As previous replies have said there are many causes of infertility with endo but also with healthy women too. The hormonal 'cross talk' between endo lesions and the endometrium and the endocrine system is a subject of current research in so far as each may effect the other and, in turn, issues such as fertility. But the fact is that a great percentage of women with endo get pregnant. You don't say which shoulder it is but cyclical right sided shoulder pain is a symptom of diaphragmatic endo, but if you were to have it this would need addressing by a highly skilled surgeon at an endo centre. If you were dealt with in general gynaecology, as I suspect, there may be a good chance you have had endo missed in other places. In view of your concerns about diaphragmatic endo I should get a referral to a specialist centre. This is easier if you are in England. Click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find a specialist. x

  • I have endo on my diaphragm and have been told I can't get pregnant naturally but not because of it being on the diaphragm per se, but because of the severe scarring in my ovaries and fallopian tubes and the tubes being blocked with scar tissue. As others have said, there are various ways endo can contribute to infertility, but having it on the diaphragm doesn't automatically rule out pregnancy, and if you and your partner have been trying for 5 years with no luck it might be good to see a fertility specialist.

  • hi they only found it on my pelvis and the gyne said everywhere else was fine and they removed what was there but im still having all symptoms which is why im believing my instinct which is telling me i have it on my diaphragm i have done my research and by what ive read and been told its very hard to diagnose it on diaphragm when i had my lap my incisions were under my bellybutton but when i read about it on endopedia it says incisions should be made by your ribs as they have to do it a different way to check all the diaphragm how was yours done if you dont mind me asking thanks for replying and my heart goes out to you i dont really no how im going to cope if i cant get pregnant i really want to be a mum one day x

  • I actually never had pain in my shoulders. But I had difficulties to breeze. I could not walk fast last months before operation. I had no idea it was endo on my diaphragm. After operation I was like born again. Now I feel pain on both sides, at the ends of my ribs, and I am just guessing its endo back there again. I am going for operation soon, I have been suggested hysterectomy as I am after 45 now.

  • My doctor told me I had it on my diaphragm after my lap. The incisions were in my abdomen like yours, there weren't any special incisions made by my ribs. I guess I just figured that she must have been able to see the diaphragm with the same camera that was in my abdomen, although I never really thought about it until you asked. I know that endo can sometimes be more visible than others--I have a lot of very obvious adhesions that I can see in the pics from my surgery, but people can also have tiny spots of endo that are harder to see.

    I appreciate your empathy about not being able to have a baby. I feel grief about it, but at the same time I have acceptance and feel like it's how it's meant to be (for me personally, I'm not trying to say you won't be able to). Two of my close friends are planning to have a baby and have asked me if I'd help with raising the child. So I hopefully will be able to have a child in my life without having to give birth (and without having sole responsibility).

  • when i have asked on here before a lady had sent me a link to a site which is all about endo and i seen on there that to do a full lap of diaphragm the incisions will be made near the ribs so i was just wondering if people who have had it on the diaphragm have had it done the same as me or as i read so thanks for reply really appreciate it and gud luk with everything x

  • Good luck to you too :)

  • thanks for all your replies very helpful xx much appreciated ladies

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