Pregnancy and endo

Hi hoing someone can give me advice.

I have endo that was confirmed by a lap 2 years ago.

I just found out I am 3 weeks pregnant after taking 3 test!

early days I know!

My boss wont let me take any time off to go the doctors and Im concerned as for the last 5 days I have had alot of endo pain and (dull and sharp period pains) thankfully no bleeding

But Im concerned as this is my first pregnancy and I am clueless!

Does this sound normal?

Thanks x

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  • Erm what your employer is illegal. They cannot refuse you time off work to see your GP if you are pregnant. Make the appointment

  • Well ive only been working there a few weeks and its a small business with only 3 staff i dont want to tell her Im pregnant as its only 3 weeks! As she hasnt counter signed my employee contract yet

    Dont know what to do!

  • Ps. Congratulations

  • Far too early to worry endo can cause fertility problems but you are pregnant so relax!

    Your obviously at risk of everything all early pregnancy brings so watch and wait . If the pain continues you should get you gp to get anEPU scan at 6 to 7 wks to confirm viability and rule out ectopic if your experiencing pain and bleeding then you'll be reassured !

    At such an early stage there would nothing to see on scan as its it all too small at this point !!! Hope this helps all the best remain hopeful you should !

  • Thanks x

  • congrats x. try to gently push to get your contract signed, it may be worth you seeking some independent advice from the citizens advise bureau about the contract and where you stand with appts. I hope things go smoothly for you :)

    this may also be useful

  • I have had 2 children with endo. I found out I was pregnant with the first at the ER where I went because I was in excruciating pain. They told me I was pregnant but they thought it was a 'tube pregnancy' because the pain was so bad and certain hormone levels were low. It turned out that I was only like 2 weeks pregnant and the pain started almost as soon as the little guy implanted. The entire 1st trimester was painful but it got a lot better as time went on. The only relief was my heating pad and Tylenol. The second pregnancy was the same. I knew I was pregnant because I was doubled over all the time. It does sound normal. Get a heating pad and start taking prenatal vitamins. They help a lot. So does pot... Its better for the baby than taking tons of Tylenol (I think, but I'm no Doctor).

    Congratulations! If you are like me the doctors probably told you it would be difficult or impossible to conceive. About your boss. I think you should tell her as soon as possible. She will she be sure to give you the time off and she is sure to find out eventually. My advise is to tell her about all of your concerns now. You may not get the contract but if you sign while hiding this information you could be setting yourself up for a very tense situation at work for the months to come. I'm not sure how it is in the UK but in the US not hiring someone based on the fact that they are pregnant is called workplace discrimination and it is a crime. Be honest with her and you may find her supportive and helpful.

  • Thanks I will wait till Im 12 weeks before I inform boss as I believe thats standard!

    Thanks for your advise you have settled my mind a lot!

    I see the mid wife Thursday xxx

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