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No pre op appointment

Hello, hope everyone is doing well, Im having a laparoscopy in march to hopefully confirm endo and I don't have a pretty op appointment!!!! I've got 2 dates for blood tests and that's it, what do they normally do at pre ops, I was under the impression I would get to talk to my consultant before the op, I don't have any real questions as I asked loads when I see him, but I did want to confirm that I would be made aware of what had happened during the op, as this seams to be the thingbthsts scaring me, so many ladies on here have said they were to groggy to lissen that they went home unaware of what had been done,

I think I'm worrying over nothing, reassurance needed.

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Pre op not pretty op, stupid tablet


Normally see a nurse or doc who tell u what to do before op... Call the hospital and query it. I never saw my surgeon or consultant at pre op but you see them on the day of surgery


As suggested phone the gaeni deoartment you normally see a pre op nurse they check urine heart rhythm and rake bloods .you won't get to see consultant though as it's a diagnostic they will see you afterwards

Best of luck


Hi Pre op is not normally scheduled not until one or two weeks before surgery. This is so when they test your blood for nasty bugs /infections they can be certain that you are well for surgery just before surgery. Normally you see a nurse to take bloods, urine and you can ask her if you have any questions about the procedure itself. Normally you see consultant on morning of op to explain what they are intending to do. Dependant on outcome of op, you may see surgeon in recovery room after surgery just to let you know what they found briefly and that surgery went well. Then they will probably book an appointment with you for post op care ( stitches removal usually 10 days later) or if you have dissolvable stiches you won't need this appointment. Another appointment to see consultant regarding result of lap will be booked later. Did they say they would laser any endo tissue found or is this just diagnosis?

In my experience, the wait to see consultant after op can sometimes be delayed for upto anything from 6 to 10 weeks. This is to allow you to recover and to see if pain returns. I had diagnosis and treatment at the same time so the wait may be less if only diagnosis. This can be a worrying time but my advice is to go with the flow.

Hope this helps. Stay positive and call the hospital if you are within two weeks of surgery and have not heard anything. Best of luck and take care.


Thank you, very helpful, I've been booked in for bloods so that must be the pre op, just thought it was different, he will be doing excision of anything found,




If you feel groggy after surgery and dont remember what the doc said he had done -

tape the conversation! Listen to it later!


That's a good idea xx


Hi, im so glad you have had a date for your op i've had my pre op 3 weeks ago and am now sat waiting for a date for my op, which i find very strange why get me in very fast for a pre op and then no date for a pre op. I had mrsa swabs done, bloods, blood pressure, had to take urine sample, height and weight done then i talked to a nurse about any concerns, so maybe thats what you will do when you go for your bloods xxx


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