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21 days of bleeding and more

I thought I would write down what I am currently experiencing and how I am feeling, not just for advice and support but because I think I will find it therapeutic.

So as the subject suggests I have been taking the combined pill, Ovranette for 21 days and have been bleeding since day 1, my 7 day break starts tomorrow which is when I'm meant to have a period. From what I have read and what my gynae told me it can take a while to settle down and could take 3 months for my body to react properly to the hormones.... I just hope it's not 3 months of bleeding! He put my on it after riding a cyst in my left ovary and 'evidence of endometriosis'

I just feel crap! I'm tired and can tell I'm lacking iron, I have constant niggling pain which can get really bad some days, I feel really down some days and my sex drive is non existent. My husband is supportive as much as he can be and I shouldn't blame him for occasionally getting frustrated with me, but I do! We aren't doing great as a couple right now and I can't help feel responsible, I don't think I'm that nice to live with right now but on the other hand I don't always feel as cared for as I could.

I'm taking co dyramol and mefenamic acid but it doesn't touch the pain most days, a hot water bottle has become my best friend and really helps alleviate the pain.

It's difficult at work as I have an active job and work shifts, I'm an experienced member of staff who is relied upon and time off can cause rifts in the team because other people have to take up my shifts and supervisors can give attitude. I'm hoping to sit down my manager this week and talk through reducing late shifts and the about of active work I do but I'm not sure if he will ask for a doctors note or something similar?

I have an appointment at the end of April with my gynaecologist to see if the pill has reduced a cyst on my left ovary and to decide how we are going to proceed... I will be pushing for a laparoscopy.

So that's me right now x

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I think that's about all you can do my love :) getting the lap and excision would be good. Just be direct in what you want. You could try and call your GP for a different medication. I don't know why they are recommending oestrogen?! I have no luck with the pill but do well on the implant (progesterone only) in terms of bleeding at least. Something to consider? Xxx


Thank you so much for your reply. I'll discuss that with him then, I've not really thought about that before but yeah it doesn't seem to make much sense to give me oestrogen. I've heard the implant is good and the mirena coil but I'm hoping to start a family in the next year or so and it seems silly to have some thing like that inserted and then removed a year after but I will definitely look into it. I just hope my fertility won't be too effected but as my husband says that's just a bridge we will cross when get there.

Thanks again xx


When you have the surgery you will find out the extent of endo you have and where it is. As long as it's not in your tubes you should be fine and this isn't likely :) I know it sounds silly but in terms of quality of life it's much better for many women and as soon as its removed youre back to yourself. I think its a week total to be completely free of the hormones, the day you remove it you can start trying! The scar is minuscule as well, can't even notice mine and I've had 2. How come you're waiting til next year? You're more fertile soon after surgery. I'm typing this pregnant with my daughter cuddled up to me :) you will get there xx


Well I will definitely look into the implant and chat to my doctor and gynae when I see him in April. We are waiting until next year just because of personal circumstances more than anything else, it's always been our plan to move next year and then think about starting a family... If it were up to me I would start tomorrow :) what u said about being pregnant and having a daughter cuddled up with u makes me well up at the thought, sometimes I think that's all I want and have a deep down ache to have a child but my husband loves a plan and I know he's doing it for our future family, because a move would also be a move for his job and he wants to get to a better level before that happens (sorry for the boring) To be honest my hope is that my husband comes to my next appointment and the gynae says just what u have about getting pregnant after surgery (and then books me in for surgery) so he hears it from a professional and not a desperate wife, hehe!

Oh dear I sound like a crazed women... Honestly I'm not, it's been playing on my mind and this is the first time I've actually said what I wanted out loud, I should say

typed! Xx


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