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All new to me! Lots of questions please help :(

Hello everyone.

I'm 21 years old. 2 months ago I was rushed into hospital with severe abdominal pain, long story short - I had a 10cm cyst in my pelvis area growing off my left ovary. Had a laparotomy (open surgery) as key hole couldn't do the job (they tried it first). Had the cyst removed and my left ovary reconstructed. And was diagnosed with endometriosis !

2 months on and I've been put on the pill to help my endo. But I'm still in awful pain. Of course my body is probably still healing, but it's a dull, horrible pain which isn't constant, but very regular. Is this normal? The gynaecologist told me the endo can generally cause pain. Will taking the pill settle this pain down? I've been on the pill now for a week.

The gynaecologist also told me I have a severe case of endometriosis which could damage my other organs if not gotten under control!? Any info on this?

I would like to just have the lot removed and done with but doctors are reluctant to do this because of my age.

I'm so fed up now, still not back at work and I am going back to uni soon and can't be dealing with the pain :(

Any info or advice would be amazing.

Thank you

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Which pill are you on? Combined or pop? X


Sorry I'm not sure what you mean :( very new to it all! I'm on a standard contraceptive pill one a day? Hope that helps :( x


Hi there & welcome to Health Unlocked. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been diagnosed with endometriosis & that you're suffering. Endometriosis is a complicated disease & if left untreated can go on to cause further complications. It sounds as though you're still recovering from surgery - a laparotomy is a major operation & takes time to bounce back from, no matter how young you are. As for the Pill are you taking it back-to-back without a break or taking it monthly with a week off in between? If you've only been taking it for a week, it won't be doing much to aid the pain but give it time.

I know that you think you want to get rid of everything - I remember those feelings well; but a hysterectomy is not the be all and end all, especially when you're so young.

Endometriosis feeds off oestrogen, which is why you've been put on the pill. By dampening down your ovaries, they are hoping to keep the endo at bay.

I highly recommend you become a member with Endometriosis UK as all members get access to a Q&A sessions with endometriosis specialists. There are also local support groups dotted around the UK.

The most important thing to remember is that you're not alone in this - and that there are women & girls out there who know what this is like.

Please feel free to PM me any time

Good luck with the Pill - and for now just rest up & get better.

Take care.

A xxxx



I'm taking the monthly with a weeks break.

Thank you so much for your reply x



I am sorry you are struggling with this horrible condition, I am also 21 and have suffered since I was 15 with this condition so I know what its like struggling to get through each day because of the pain, let alone trying to work etc.

I would give the pill a bit more time to see if it starts to help as a week isn't that long really and it can take a while for it to take effect, if it doesn't help at all they will be able to give you other options such as the mirena coil.

Also I would recommend researching into endometriosis (endometriosis UK is good for this) as this will help you understand all about it and the complications such as organs fusing together etc which may be what your gynaecologist was on about.

Hope this helps x


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