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Cerazette and bleeding

Hi everyone 

I was put on the progesterone only pI'll Cerazette at at the end of March by my GP for syspected endometriosis and pelvic/abdo pain. I am my final week of my second pack. For the last 9 or 10 days I have been bleeding. At first it was a bit of mild spotting but for the last 6 or so days it's been like a light period. Because of it my pain has been worse as I'm bleeding to the point it's unbearable but I get on with it. I know bleeding and spotting can occur on the pill.

Is this normal or should I go back and see my GP or just wait for my gyni appointment ion June 7th?

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I bled on it for three weeks, also had headaches and dizziness , I took myself off of it. Seems it happens quite a lot with this pill, a lot of people are ok with it after a few months it settles down but I did not feel right at all and doc agreed with me that I just wasn't suited to it when I saw him about it a couple of weeks later. I would see your gp X 


Personally I didn't like cerazette at all! It's up to you how much you can manage... Can you wait till June. Or do you need to do something about it now? I think you have to listen to your body. 


This happened to me with Cerazette, I had continual bleeding and with my consultant's advice I stopped taking it as a result. X



After a laparoscopy in 2007 failed to find any endo (but found some adhesions on the left hand side of my womb to pelvic wall) I was put on Cerazette.  I bled every day I was on it.  I didn't bleed heavily, I never did however it did hurt - even in my vagina.  Over 7 or 8 weeks I gained  17 lbs in weight!  I split the lining of my skirt whilst at work!  I now realise that i was progesterone intolerant (I always had bad PMS, and suffered a lot of breakthrough bleeding on certain combined pills). Your GP may suggest that you give Cerazette a bit longer to see if you settle down.  In my case, last year I had had enough of pain and aged 50 asked for an elective hysterectomy.  During my visits to the hospital, a lucky administrative error led me to be seen by a pelvic pain consultant and when I told her about my experiences with progesterone (Mirena was no better for me) she stated that I probably  had an issue with my womb lining.  After my LVAH/BSO they informed me that they had found Stage 4 endo, with adhesions with my womb being stuck on the left side to my ureter, sigmoid colon and left pelvic wall.  I had a chocolate cyst in my left ovary.  I also had some superficial adenomyosis.  Without my womb I am able to have oestrogen only hrt.  No more bleeding!

I wish you luck with your appointment and with your health.  Do not be fobbed off. 

Julie Liza x


Thanks for the advice. I was fobbed off the last time and I'm putting foot down this time. I need to know what's wrong with me and causing me so much daily pain


Hi, i was put on cerazette in august to stop  my periods due to endo and the pain i was in, every month i have bled and for around 10-14 days at a time. In the end i had a laparoscopy as i couldnt cope, im still on cerazette as not long had the lap but im due to see my specialist in june so im hoping that it will change. Give it another month if you can and if your still bleeding call them for another appointment xx


Hi, I have been on cerazette for almost 4 years. I recently been spotting and having signs of periods. My doctor didn't seem concerned and said it is normal to bleed alittle. Although I haven't had it since I started cerazette. 

Personally I would go see a GP for advice. Although it may be your body apdating to cerazette.

Clumsy ✴


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