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Post laparoscopy blues

4 days post surgery. I had my diagnotic laparoscopy after chronic pain for 5 years which has affected my life in every way possible- this was done in general gynaecology but I know that the surgeon and team are working towards BSGE accreditation so I felt in good hands- The surgeon said he found "superficial" endo mostly on the right abdominal wall, pouch of douglas and some scar tissue on the left and has removed it (excision) I had three cuts made. He said my ovaries, tubes and womb are all fine....I asked him will it grow back and he said he is confident that I will be fine now--My understanding is that endo is a chronic disease and that this means it will return even if whatever he found this time has been removed?

They offered me the coil but I didnt want it at this stage, before knowing the diagnosis and also as my past experience with hormonal contraception has been extremely negative for my emotional wellbeing and other unwanted side effects...There was no further discussion regarding long term management of my endo or what I should do to minimise it coming back...

Does taking the pill help to stop it growing back? Should I start seriously considering that even with the unpleasant side effects?

Happy to have my diagnosis but also many questions now. A large part of my pain was bladder related- so was surprised none was found on my bladder

I have not been offered a follow up appointment...is that normal? Should I go to the GP to discuss further?

On top of all the technical stuff Im just feeling beyond emotionally erratic- Ive felt not myself since coming round from the G.A, Ive felt all range of emotions from angry, sad, hopeless, paranoid but with very little reasoning, just erratically feeling not ok...does this pass and is this normal post surgery? Honestly feel Im losing my marbles...

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Really sorry to hear you feeling so bad I have different issues going on now.... but last April I had lap I also felt very down afterwards I tried the pill for a month but couldn't stand the emotional side effects.

Maybe ask to get a referral to urology and make sure no kidney stones or internal cystitis may it is quite a wait for appointment normally so good to get referred now. I have greatly increased bladder pain after lap but more in a more specific place as I had endo removed from ureter think the scarring from that made different issues. Have you had cysts in the past ? I had blood in my urine and pain after emptying bladder particularly at night I think the pain is because uterus learning wrong way inverted is it called so when you lie down all is very squashed I also have adnomyosis which must squash it too. Is your uterus 'normal' :)

My endo is all superficial too but that makes no difference in pain superficial can be as painful as stage 4 endo depending on where it is I think.

Hope your recovery goes well GA does take ages to recover from so be really kind to yourself and drink loads water :)

Hope you have better day tomorrow :)

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Didnt realise it being superficial didnt make it less painful. My bladder is still extremely sensetive and Im day 6 now, it just hurts and I need a wee all the time but I know its not a UTI its something I had for 5 years as a sypmtom of my endo, had cystoscopy and investigations went through urology and nothing was found.


Hi there, I'm really sorry hear you feel down but try not to be so hard yourself, it is quite normal to get the blues after an operation. I've had two Laps now and got quite down after both ops. At the time I ended up googling 'post operative blues' and found out quite a bit. Most surgeons talk about your physical recovery but don't mention anything about your emotional recovery. It's quite an assault on the body when you have an operation and your energy goes into fixing your body so your emotions can have a few ups and downs. It's normal to feel sad, angry, vulnerable etc. After an operation you can realise how vulnerable we all are as we become familiar with hospitals, theatre etc. Don't be hard on yourself, accept how you feel and that you will get better. Just try to rest and think of a few nice things to do, best of luck xx

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Thanks, this really helped me. Im day 6 now still feeling wiped out but trying to be kind to myself and take it slow. Been sick today and still have the shakes all the time but Im guessing its a lot to get over. Had a meltdown yesterday and cried all day its like emotionally Im on a rollercoaster.


Ahh the good old GA meltdown. It's horrible - it usually passes about a week post op so hopefully you're nearly there. As for your endo, maybe you nee a more specialist gynae. Have you looked at the Endometriosis UK website? They should be able to point you in the right direction. All the best and hope the anaesthetic wears off soon. x


I think until I get my strength back the battle to find a specialist may have to wait. I pushed for 2 years just for a diagnostic lap and for 5 years of going to GP to just let them open the door to gynae at all....Im exhausted! Thanks for your reply and support x


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