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Post-surgery, slow recovery

Hi guys, I feel really down. I went to see my surgeon today and he didn't give me any useful advise to control thee pain, make exercise, I feel that my boyfriend, friend and coworkers are fed up with me too. It is the 6 week after surgery and I won't be able to come back to work yet, I work with children actively. I have an intense pain in the left side of my pelvis and my low back, it is really painful to go to the toilet. The curious thing if they didn't touch the bowel. I have this intense pain and the health professionals sometimes look me if I am exaggerating, when I always try to have a smile in my face, I feel really down and sometimes it is nice to read your story because it helps me to remind I am no crazy. Thanks for sharing. Sorry my English is not perfect.

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Hi Marypa, no you are not crazy, so try to keep smiling. It's hard when you feel you aren't being listened to and you feel as if people don't understand or believe you. Try not to let it get you down, it will eventually get better. You just need to take things day by day and only do what you feel able to do, never push yourself to try and do more because this will make you feel worse. Remember you have had surgery and things take time to heal and we are all very different, someone may recover quickly and someone else may have a long recovery process. Monitor your pain and note it down, what it felt like, when you had it, how long it lasted and then if you continue to keep getting the pain you have notes that you can show your doctor or surgeon, so perhaps they can understand a little better. I have found that hot water bottles and tea does help with stomach pain, so you could try this and see if it works?

Try to keep smiling, remember how far you have come and how strong you have been already, you probably never realised how strong you could be, so keep that in mind for the future.

Take care and hope you feel much much better soon x

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Hi sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I have had similar experiences and it is hard to deal with health professionals that rdon't listen to the patient for information and it seems on this forum many women have also had this experience for endometriosis sometimes over and over again. We have trouble getting diagnosed, then after surgery do not always get clear responses about what was found or done in the surgery.

If your surgeon is not being helpful can you try access somebody else to talk to - a gp to get advice for pain? Bowel pain is common for women with endometriosis - I suffer this too. Going under anesthetic and the truama to the body can be alot to recover from. I hope you can get some time to rest- you are the one that will know when your feeling better. Having good rest and pain relief can also help you to heal so don't be afraid to go back to the doctor or another doctor who will listen. Hope you feel better soon.


Your symptoms suggest that you may have had deep endo missed. General gynaecology often just look at your ovaries and tubes when the most common location is deep behind the uterus. Left sided pain in association with bowel symptoms indicates a possibility of endo on the uterosacral ligament that must only be dealt with in a specialist centre. I am guessing sex is none too easy either. I have a private FB support group where we can discuss surgeons and guide you to appropriate care if you would like to join:




Hi, I really feel for you as I know where you are coming from. I'm nearly six weeks post surgery too and I am no way ready for work. I worked with children too before and am thinking about going back but no way yet. I had my stents out on Tuesday and although I am getting stronger each day, I am not strong enough to do everything people expect. I've had comments from family oh you not better yet it's taking ages. My only advice us listen to your body, it's your body everyone recovers differently, each op is different. You take care xx


Maybe check for a urine to infection? Keep pestering your gp Believe me Ive had so much abuse over my endo and now over the pain I still have 4 months post hysterectomy. Ive also had my ovaries removed. Only thing that helps me reduce and sometimes eliminate the pain is to stop the hrt and then take only about 1/2 2 or even 1 time per week. I'm pending results of an MRI and Ive seen a consultant privately so I can have a further lap to look again and look especially for endo or complications adhesions especially on the bowel large and small intestine appendix and bladder mine is on the right side though. The only person being reasonable and courteous with me is the private guy. The rest being pardon my language but complete arse holes . I'm lucky my mum said she will pay for me as it's£3000 . Go to gp get a irine test stick and ask for a culture doing as stick doesn't show a lot. Although I'm sat here looking at a purple positive on a urine test stick I got online but was given the short sharp shrift by a doctor who snapped at me it was negative and that I'd need to make a further appointment to ask for a culture doing. You could also maybe ask your gp to refer you for an ultrasound or see consultant either on NHS if your in U.K. Or privately and get them to do MRI on nhs


Ps nurpphen plus is good for pain and in I'm you can buy st chemist and take this also with paracetamol or try maybe get something stronger from your gp. U need to take a poo softener with it though as it makes poo really hard and solid and can actually make things worse if your not poo ing well after gusto. Lactose stool softener is good also can be bought at chemist good luck u don't have to put up with this xxx


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