Nauseaus after surgery

Hi guys, it's 5 days since I had surgery to remove endo and have my organs put back in the right place and I'm still feeling very nausous Ive not thrown up in a few days but I feel like it all the time especially when I've drank anything or taken my tablets, I'm on anti sickness tablets from the doctor but I can't get rid of this nausea and can't get a wink of sleep because of it. Any ideas great fully recieved.

Thankyou in advance

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  • What painkillers are you on? That, or a hangover from the anaesthetic, or linked to the point in your cycle , or just from all the guddling around your intestines have had could all be causes.

    I get severe nause and am on 3 anti emetics - cyclizine, stemetil , and odansetron. Tbh none really remove the nausea, just help stop me being sick. I have also tried ginger tea, wrist bands etc.i don't know if you have tried all those.

    I also took pro and pre biotics.

    I found acupuncture helped more than anything else. After one lapatotomy in 2007 I had no imp in nausea/vomiting 6 weeks post op and started acupuncture. I still go now tho, for financial reasons, not as often as I'd like :-(

    I picked a traditional acupuncturist who specialises in endo and fertility .

    May be worth a try.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    x x

  • Thank you for your advice as it happens I also have a kidney infection so that plus the anasthetic explains a lot. Thanks again

  • Yes last time I had general anaesthetic I felt woozy and sick for days after. Just keep an eye on your temperature as vomiting plus temp might be sign of post op infection.


  • Thank you for replying I've seen my doctor it turns out I have a kidney infection too so that explains a double dose of nausea. Thanks again

  • Glad they've found the infection and you are getting treated. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank you feeling much better now x

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