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Severe endo and infertility

Hello I am new to this site but thought I'd share my story!

I was diagnosed with stage 4endo in Dec 2011 I have had x2 operations MRI HSG and nemerous other procedures I came off the pill in 2011 as me and my partner decided to try for a baby. we have been together for 20yrs now my partner already has a 22yr old son but doesnt live with us! Anyway wen I came off the pill my periods bcame worse and worse each month I was in excruciating pain, I was passing out on the toilet with pain and my partner was so good at looking after me.

I have really bad back pain urgent frequent urination and bowel problems,I still have not managed to get pregnant and am so depressed I have so many up and down days I have been through so much with my job its been so stressful because no one understands.

I am so annoyed at the NHS system as we would love to have the option of IVF but we can't afford it...we have to pay because my partner has a son...not me I feel like i'm being punished.x

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I was in similar situation however conceived naturally the month before starting ivf. I would look into this again. My partners son is 19, he doesn't live with us either. nhs were aware. So I obviously met their criteria. Good luck! X



thanks for the comment, I think it depends on the area you live in as to whether or not you are entitled to IVF on the NHS! It's really sad, I think cases should be looked at individually, like I said earlier we have been together for 20 years now and all we want is our own child!.

I will do some more research in to this but I'm pretty certain that's the way it is for us, that's what my consultant told us too. X


Hello louisaa

do you mind telling me the area you live in? because I am curious about the IVF on NHS! as I mentioned I think it depends on where you live?. thank you.


Hi dear didn't the operation work at all what was the operation for as I have severe endo too but am yet to see a gyne and will have to tell them wat procedure I want to go for gettn pregant is hard for me n its becoming fustrating thanks



Thank you for the comment, this is the first time I have spoken about this on a forum, but its always nice to no your not on your own, as we all say no one else understands exactly what we are going through.

I had extensive surgery for stage 4 endo, it was stuck to my bowels uterus ovaries sigmoid colon and I had chocolate cyst's on my tubes.

I went to oxford for the surgery as they have the bowel specialist their, I was told that I may have to have a bowel re section! well anyway I didn't have to! thank god, the operation relieved a lot of pain I was in so much pain before the op I was passing out with the pain during my periods, I was close to calling for an ambulance most months but didn't because I didn't think they would be able to do anything! silly me, now I know what I know I should have called! they can help. Well I have just had bladder pressure tests done and another MRI scan as they think it may have come back or spread :( so now I have to wait until April for my follow up appointment for my results.

Well as you no your self every month is crushing, and mentally draining, wondering and constantly thinking "am I pregnant" only to find out "no " again.

Sorry I could go on and on!lol

Well I wish you all the best for the future, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you want a moan or chat, well their is hope out their and we all deserve our share of luck.xx


Sorry I meant to say in my first comment that I came of the pill in 2009!!! so it's been a long time trying!!!


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