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Lap on Monday, coil or not to coil ?

Hi, I have my 3rd laporoscopy on Monday where they are treating endo and fitting the mirena. After a lot of research I'm still unsure of whether to get it fitted or not. My consultant was all for it and said that most people don't experience any pain etc, but looking at posts on here I find that hard to believe. I quite happily take yasmin at the moment which upto now has controlled the pain. Apart from not taking the pills are there any upsides to the mirena over the pill ?? I also have a 10 month old son and I'm worried about lifting him and pulling my stitches as he's not the lightest baba (nearly 27 pounds!!) any tips would be greatly appreciated !!!

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I had a coil for eight months it didn't agree with me I had it removed just before Xmas I had constant spotting and pain also the worse bit was leg pains like sciatica type pain consultant thinks I may have endo on pouch of douglas so the coil may have aggravated this cause there are lots of nerves and ligaments around there I still have some leg pains at present but not like they were I'm waiting for a lap I have also heard the could does help some and everyone is different if Yasmin works though why does he want to change it they won't give me any pill I'm to old though consultant is considering it after the lap xx


Thanks for your reply lisaevs, I think the consultant thought that while they're doing the lap it's worth giving it a go as I'm not brave enough to get it inserted awake!! I think I'll give it a go and use yasmin as a back up option if i don't get on with it! Hopefully your pain is improving :)


I had the coil fitted during my lap and found it really helped deal with the pain, bleeding and other endo symptoms. It was great to not have to remember having to take a pill everyday (I can be forgetful) and I didn't notice any negatives after having it fitted. (I did experience a few stomach cramps but this could have either been the coil or my recovery for the lap). I've also noticed that my skin is clearer and my moods are a lot better.

My endo symptoms did return after 6 months, but I was aware that this could happen and the coil may not stop endo coming back 100%. I found that since having the coil the doctors could give me a wider range of medication which worked a lot better than before having the coil fitted. They also gave me Cerazette to work alongside the coil which has reduced the pain but it does take a few months to start working.

I was unsure whether to have the coil fitted just like you, especially after reading so many negative things about it. I'm glad I did as I could try it and see if it worked instead of not knowing. I also preferred having the coil fitted during the lap as I don't think I could have gone through with having it fitted whilst awake due to the pain I have during examinations etc.

I don't have a baby so I'm not too sure about that part of your question. Do you have any friends or family that could come over to help you around the house and with your baby for the first week? I know you're worried about your stitches but you also need to think about allowing your stomach/insides time to recover too.

Good luck for Monday :) x

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thanks for your response pink_pixie, I'm thinking give it a go. I won't know if it helps unless I try it and I can always go back to the pill if I'm not happy.

My husband is off for a few days and my sister is having him Wednesday but looks like I'm on my own Thursday and Friday. ill just have to change him on the floor etc to save the lifting !


Hiya, I've had two mirenas since 2009 - 1st fitted while I was awake. Went into cervical shock and blacked out on the table although I haven't had any babies and apparently that makes fitting them easier. I spotted/bled for 3 1/2 months then had nothing for 2 months before establishing any sort of cycle. After about 6 months my periods were lighter but it didn't do anything for the pain. For a while I just figured that would be as good as things would get (this was BEFORE I was diagnosed with endo, gyno stuck in the coil to treat symptoms "indicative" of endo). Fast forward to 2011 things had got progressively worse and I'd started blacking out in pain after intercourse, got booked in for a lap, endo confirmed and treated and had mirena swapped in case the 1st was a dud. Things didn't really change - pain remained the same, periods were relatively light so I felt like I was going crazy and it was all in my head. However when I had another lap in 2013 I decided that the coil wasn't doing anything apart from making my periods lighter so I had it taken out. Big mistake (haven't been the same since and periods now horrific) so having one put back in at next lap.

It's worth a go and you can always have it taken out by a nurse at your GP surgery if it doesn't agree with you : )


Hi there I've had the mirena in for just over a year and I love it. It completely stopped my periods from the start so I haven't had a period for all that time which is bliss! I have no side effects whatsoever and I wish I'd had it fitted a long time ago. The only thing it hasn't done is stop my endo and ovarian cysts coming back and I had my 2nd lap on 19th December but I told the surgeon to leave my coil in as I am 100% happy with it. As for your little baba my 2 kids are older but I'm a childminder and was back at work after 3 weeks lifting 3 toddlers, Buggys and car seats and I managed great. Do you have a partner or family member to give you a hand for the first week or so? X


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