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Bowel stuck to left ovary


I had my first laparoscopy 5 weeks ago after suffering with lower abdominal and back pain for a good few months. GP originally thought it was urological issues so I had a cystoscopy which came back clear. After my first appointment with the gynaecologist he prescribed me mebeverine and passed it off as IBS. When I went back and explained the tablets had made no difference he booked me in for the lap. Recovery from the lap took much longer than I thought and I was left clueless as to what had happened after as the Dr came round to see me straight after they had given me some morphine! Don't remember much!

Anyway, I had my follow up appointment today and have been told that I have PCOS and that my bowel is attached to my left ovary with adhesions. He said that because of my age (25) he didn't want to do the surgery to detach them as it could cause fertility issues and possible complications with my bowel. He has told me to continue with pain killers and try to get on with life! Oh and to have a baby as soon as possible!

Is any one else in or has been in this situation? Has anyone had the surgery? Did it help with your symptoms?

I feel much better for know exactly what is going in now but I've come away a little confused. Not really sure what the next step is!

Thanks for any advice!

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I'm in almost the same situation except it's on my right side! The cystoscopy- which was agony - was a waste of time. I said it was endo but no one believed me. I was having a lap and dye as part of pre IVF procedure and they found. It everywhere. I'm living with the pain and trying to ease it with tramadol.


A cystoscopy is absolutely awful isn't it?! I found it much worse than was explained to me! So, do you think you'll have the surgery to detach them? My gynaecologist has advised against it but I'm not sure how long I can live on painkiller for. I've had endless problems at work and just want an end to all this. Do you find your pain is constant or is worse at a particular time? Have you had any issues with your bowel?

It's comforting to know someone else is in a similar position :)

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The pain is pretty much constant, and ramps at during my period and ovulation. I asked about surgery but was told it's pretty dangerous and they could perforate my bowel. I'm not sure if I got fobbed off as many women seem to have had the surgery and are fine. Husband and I have decided to wait; if IVF fails we will get a second opinion on surgery.


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