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IVF, Bleeding on 8dp3dt - endometriosis

Hi all,

I am a bit sad and just needed to write it down so I can get it off my chest, hope its not to much info in some cases.

I have stage 4 Endometriosis and my uterus and ovaries are stuck to my bowels. I have been in a chemical menopause since my last Lap in January and started IVF treatments in late september. I had a an egg collection done via a Lap last monday on the 13, since it was impossible to do in trans-vaginally and they also drained 2 cyst. One was a simple cyst (that was a complication from the menopause drugs and also hindered any follicles from growing) and one endometriona (that wasn't suppose to be drained due to infection risk). They only found 3 follicles, which 2 had cells in them. they also drained the endometrioma so see if they could fins any more follicles, but that didn't work. The surgeon apparently really tried to look around but my scare tissue was stuck to everything so he couldn't move anything around to get a better view.

I had my embryo transfer on day 3 which was on thursday. I transferred 2 embryos, one 6 cell and one 8 cell. I have had 3 antibiotics since after the lap and started with a 4 antibiotics just a couple of days ago since d1dp2dt I got a fever that held on for 7 days. Now on day 8 post embryo transfer I woke up with mild nausea, cramping and very light spotting. Unfortunately the spotting has become more red and is more similar to light period bleeding (however it doesn't bleed so much that it shows on a pad, only on the tissue), it has become lighter again in the afternoon so I hope it may go away completely and that it doesn't mean that the IVF treatment was unsuccessful. I did a pregnancy test even thou I know it is to early, and of course it was negative. My IVF clinic said to continue as before with the progesterone and that I should take it as easy as possible and not do any heavy lifting.

It took us months to get the IVF clinic to approve my IVF treatment and I had to get written approval from my collorectal surgeon before they started the IVF treatment. My husband and I had already decided before the embryo transfer to only give this 1 chance since my egg collection requires surgery with each try. And the doctors said that they don't want to do to many lap egg collections either, max 1-2. And now when they have been able to see the extent of my scare tissue they wont to another one anyways, so this was our only chance.

If it's negative on the 29, I will call my colorectal surgeon and schedule my surgery. I will have a hysterectomy and a bowel resection (not only is my uterus and ovaries stuck on my bowels, by scare tissue has penetrated the bowel wall). Because of the pain the scare tissue in the bowel wall causes me they have said that I must remove a part of the bowel. Before my last lap, I was walking with the help of crutches even thou I took tramadol every day.

Anyone have any good stories to share that can give be some hope? I have feeling exhausted I am just wondering when life will get easier? thankfully I have a wonderful husband who think its more important that I am pain free than having biological children!

Have any of you had a heavier spotting but still gotten a positive result?

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Just read your post. Just wanted to say I hope with all my heart that your ivf is successful. It's such a horrible situation to be in. We are trying at the moment after my second lap and in the last two months my pain has massively increased. I'm pretty scared and thinking if it doesn't work I'm going to get everything taken out, excursions etc because I can't live in this situation. Best wishes.



I don't have stories to share with you but wanted to let you know that I am sending you a lot of good energies and vibes from where I am. Hope everything goes well girl.


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