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Bowel bleeding

Hi ladies. I had surgery for stage 4 Endo on June 2014. Although my bowel continued to cause me discomfort I felt a lot better and a few months ago we had our first ivf. It failed but since the drugs my bowel Endo has go so much worse. This month I seem to be having full on period bleeding from behind and my normal period seems to be struggling to start.

Does anyone have experience of this? Is there anything I can do to help the symptoms?

I have surgery booked for March but that was purely a clean up to prepare for another ivf try and the surgeon planned to leave the bowel alone. Now I am thinking I want him to do everything that's necessary while he's in there!

Has anyone else had this predicament? Thanks xxx

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are you being seen at a bsge centre or by general gynae?


Bsge QA Portsmouth under Dr Guyer


I would definitely tell them that you are having increasingly bad bowel symptoms and see what they suggest - I have severe bowel endo which I am due to have treated in March but I'm also having a hysterectomy at the same time and the surgeon has said that it would be too risky to treat the bowel endo without the hysterectomy so it may well be that they can't treat it for you at the moment :/ Their reasoning is that I have an obliterated POD with the endo extending right down into a large rectovaginal nodule and that if they just cut the endo out, the raw surfaces left on the back of the uterus and the bowel will stick back together as they heal and the resulting scarring will mean that further surgeries run too high a risk of permanent damage to the bowel. It might also be worth playing around with your diet to see if it helps - it didn't work for me long term but some women do seem to find it helpful.

Really hope you find a way to manage it and that the IVF works out for you. x.


Thank you, hopefully my MRI will tell them what they are dealing with.

I am at the stage where I think I might need to choose the right surgery over our chances to have a baby.

Been ill for so long and it's effecting my marriage.

I need to chat This through with my consultant as to what the choices are x

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Huge hugs. So sorry to hear that. It does sound like the ivf hormones are aggravating your endo somehow.

These are big decisions to make and take a lot of emotions to go through. Take the support you need.


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