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Endometriosis on bowel

Hi ladies,

I've just had a failed IVF cycle and have noticed that my endometriosis seems to have got worst. I have painful lower back pain and have two nodules on my rectum (to much info I know but on the outside so I can feel them if that makes sense).

I have stage 4 endometriosis and would love to hear otherwise but don't think that's a good sign as think that means it's on my bowel.

I want to start my next IVF round in a few months but should I tackle this first - just wondering that as its on my bowel would it affect IVF in anyway?

Can the IVF medication cause my endo to speed up and get worst quicker if that makes sense? Before my IVF round I didn't suffer from any of this.

I've already had two operations to tackle my endo (the last one in March 2015) (my consultant knew it was on my bowel then but left it as it wasn't affecting me) and have been on the injections for 9 months previously so really want to focus on IVF now.

This disease is a nightmare! xx

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If you are not being seen at a bsge specialist centre, I would get a refferal, they will be able to offer your the best options, I think you might be better off having a thorough excision job done first, but don't know alot about ivf, good luck, x

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I had 3 rounds of ivf not really knowing how severe my endo was (stage 4 recto vaginal, pod, adhesions, left ovary twisted and stuck to bowel and uterus and deep infiltrating on bowel).

Our failed ivf cycles were put down to poor egg quality and I'm now convinced it was due to how severe my endo was.

I would advise getting endo sorted before wasting your ivf chances. The ivf gynea told me all along that endo wouldn't affect anything they were doing and even said (after all the scans) that my ovaries and tubes looked fine, but I'm a bit skeptical now I know the extent of it.

I was so desperate to have a baby I just wanted to get on and have ivf so that's what I did, in hindsight I wish I'd have stepped back and concentrated on getting better first.

Good luck whatever you decide x


I am the same. Stage 4 Endo - similar internal problems. I had my tubes removed, cysts etc. and was told my 3 failed ivf cycles were down to poor egg quality. I am also convinced it's down to the endo which has probably worsened over the 2 years of our trying and IVF. My pain has certainly gotten worse and more regular. I was so desperate to have a baby and start ivf each time as well.

I'm still desperate for a baby. With time running out and I'm certainly not getting any younger. It's a tough one. I am not sure whether it was down to poor egg quality or endo. I guess I will never really know.

I agree. Good lick with whatever decision. x


Luck rather.



Get endo sorted out first, I also had a similar experience. That my gynecologist believe tht they can by pass the troubled endo I had then. He went ahead with the IVF and on the day of my appointmt for pregnancy test was d day I was rush in for an emergency surgery cos due to the IVF hormones treatment the endo got bursted.

Yes, the IVF medication can cause ur endo to speed up and get worst quickly.

Best of luck.


Hey ladies, thanks for all your comments. Doesn't it suck being in this situation - it's nice to know that there are others out there going through it too although I do ask myself time and time again why did it have to be us.

The nodules that I had after my first period after a failed IVF disappeared so I think they might have been piles which are apparently common and think they were to do with the pessaries that I was putting up my bum.

The second period I had was actually a complete breeze, barely even noticed I had one which has never happened, as u know with endo you always know when you have a period 😉 and I'm now waiting for my third.

I had a follow up appointment with my hospital and can now begin my next round but not sure I'm ready yet. It was such a lot to go through and I've picked myself back up now so not sure I'm ready to go down it again just yet. Although with endo I know I shouldn't leave it too long - do u think it's ok to wait a couple more months?

The hospital said my egg reserve is poor which we already knew, I have been starting to think more about donor eggs but not sure my hubby is on the same page so need to talk to him about it more. Do u know if you can do an NHS funded IVF cycle with donor eggs? xxx


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