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How long must I wait before I can be referred for IVF?

I've got a diagnosis of Stage IV endometriosis and have had 2 laps with both ovarian cystectomy and excision of endometriosis. I'm about to have my merina coil removed as I am getting married in 3 weeks time and we want to start trying for a baby ASAP.

2 years ago after my second lap and GnRH treatment, my consultant gynae said that I would likely need ivf, although for the first year after the lap there might be a possibility to conceive naturally. However the standard NICE rules appear to say that you have to be trying for 2 years before referral. I don't want to wait this long as I am already almost 39 so every month is precious, plus I have a known and diagnosed condition...

My GP has said he will start testing at 10 months of trying and refer at 12 months. Local CCG guidelines seems to say testing can begin at 6 months for women over 36 years old, but are not clear at what point referral can happen.

Any advice on navigating what I am actually entitled to and should be asking for?

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Hi, I am 36 I had my testing done after 6 month of trying and I was told I could be referred to fertility clinic after 1 year because of my age. This is just about now but I am due to have my lap in a moth time so I am waiting for that to see what the situation is. According to guidelines you must wait 2 years of trying to be eligible for IVF but I believe that if you (or your partner) have a condition that might prevent you for getting pregnant naturally you can be referred earlier. Good luck! x


What Shehulk said, if you're under 35 you must have tried to concieve for 2 years before being referred for IVF. If you're over 35 then it's only one year. I'm not sure how having conditions which effect fertility would change this, but I'm sure your doctor would still say to try naturally as IVF isn't the most pleasant thing to go through!


Hi Wobblytulip.

I've got endo too and we went to my GP at 6 months of TTC.

He sent me for blood tests and referred me back to the gyne who had diagnosed the endo to discuss our options.

I had another laparoscopy to remove any endo to see if that assisted. We then tried clomid for 6 cycles with no success and he then said ivf referral was our next option, but had to start all the blood tests, scans and tick lists to begin that process.

If I was you, go back to your GP and ask to see the gyne again to discuss the endo symptoms and that way you can discuss with them directly the assisted conception options and time frames.

Good luck x


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