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Any Psychics?

Anyone own a crystal ball, I have been desperately searching for the cause to my pain. I've been diagnosed with multiple other issues in the process, none of which explain my symptoms. Yes, I have been diagnosed with endometriosis and adhesion's (and so much more, too much to list and yet still only considered stage 1) several years ago and I know there is NO CURE. But have since removing my uterus and cervix in 2003 due to it's inhomogeneous appearance and suspicion of adenomyosis and my precancerous cell changes to the cervix, I've had a remission of the disabling pain. I thought that with the bleeds stopping and the sites not being active for this long that this was the furthest extent one could possibly attempt for ceasing these growths. What would have caused the return of excruciating back pain and pelvic pain and hip pain and now upper abdominal pain. Sounds like the description of endometriosis doesn't it? I am 50 now and wonder if hormones are the culprit. I've read about possible estrogen surges as we approach menopause. I've read about endo being on the nerves but still don't know what would encourage my body to activate these sites now. I haven't been taking anything for pain cause nothing I've tried works, I am dealing with enough issues and don't tolerate synthetic hormones like birth control pills. It seems ridiculous to pump chemicals into my system without a diagnosis to confirm that it is endometriosis causing this too. What if it's something else. I know I'm probably just being paranoid but something is not right and body is telling me so, without surgical investigation how will I know it's not something progressive of endometriosis like ovarian cancer or peritoneal cancer? Also given my age and my diagnoses of osteopenia I don't want to experiment with anything that could rob my bones and cause other disabling issues in exchange down the road like osteoporosis or arthritis. My physiotherapist has weened me off now that my insurance is drained. My GP said he has sent me for enough tests. One gyno specialist has refused surgery and offered me GNRH or Visanne. I asked to see another specialist to see if maybe he will consider surgery. I know the risks of surgery but isn't the whole point of Visanne to stop the bleed and can my bones take the depletion it will bring to get me over menopause? If I just accept the pain I'm in won't it just get more messed up down there? I don't want to have to wait till my bowels or bladder or gallbladder ect. are also harmed if that's possible without bleeding I don't even know? My C- reactive proteins are not elevated nor is my C125. I do have high cholestrol and triglycerides despite being an acceptable weight and eating well. I was planning to kick it up a notch but this pain has thrown a wrench in the exercise plan. I will cut out gluten meat eggs chicken you name it to reduce these high readings till I get that back under control. I was on the right track until all of this pain, now I just want comfort food. Anyone? I welcome all your thoughts good or bad.

Thanks for being there,


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Have a red of the following article and the comments underneath by ATrehan...see if that rings a bell with you.



Thanks Impatient an interesting read but afraid it doesn't strike a chord with me. No pain near my hysterectomy scar.

Something I have pieced together today which is contradictory to what I've been reading about adhesions and surgery though. I had already had adhesions in my first lap, never had prior surgery of any sort unless natural childbirth twice counts as cause of potential adhesions forming later?

I went on to have two more laps and different sites of adhesions both times but all were lysed by laser C02. Then with my hysterectomy one year later there were more sites of endo already again but no mention of any adhesions. Never had a lot of endo always stage one but always had several cysts be it ovarian, peritoneal lying in the POD or attached to the peritoneum.

So I've been wondering if by giving endometriosis as my reason for wanting surgery if that is the reason I'm being overlooked. What if I were to say for possible adhesions instead, the only way to treat them is by surgery. And I didn't appear to suffer an accumulation of the adhesions from the surgery, being that none were apparent at my last one.

What was causing my adhesions? Could it be the free fluid from ovarian cyst bursts? I felt a lot of those. And coincidentally have just had a couple of incidents again.


Also could free flowing fluid from an ovarian cyst rupture enter other cavities like where my hip and back nerves are to cause inflammation? I know I'm reaching but better to do it here than have the specialist look at me like I had mental issues.


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