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Did you have bladder involvement, what were the signs or symptoms?

Hi, I recently went in for blood work and got called in due to bacteria in my urine test. I redid the urine test just waiting to see if I get called back again, this hasn't happened since 2000 but it was protein in the urine then. The GP asked if I was on my period when it was done but I've had a hysterectomy in 2003. I do pee very frequently and noticed my stream its not a stream anymore it's more widespread. Also the urgency has increased. Is this urine test result one of the signs you've had prior to laporoscopy and confirmation of bladder involvement. I have been refused surgery by one specialist and am re-preparring notes for a 2nd opinion by another, just had my GP send a referral. If it was bladder involvement it could be adhesions too which hormone treatments won't correct I just hope they take my endo in to consideration before sending me on another wild goose hunt for other possibilities, as they never seem to want to accept that the endo is the culprit even after confirmation.

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Hi, I would think that if you have endo in or on your bladder your urine tests will always show that there is blood or some protein in your urine. I have a large nodule of endometriosis that has penetrated my bladder wall and don't even bother to go my gp for urine tests anymore as it shows the same thing all the time and they usually want to prescribe me anti biotics which don't help.

The main signs of bladder endo are frequency to urinate, urinating frequently at night, a strong urge to urinate, lower back pain and pain urinating.

A laporascopy and cystoscopy will help your consultant see the extent of any endo in or on your bladder wall.

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