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Did you start with bowel / bladder issues first?


I never know if its related to all this recently period issues but I had fetal impactatation - Lots of poo blocked up chronic constipation which was seen on an X-ray lol when I was 12-13 years old pre periods or just as I was due to start. I would sit with a sick bag at school every day feeling sick as I had poo all backed up on me and it was seen until an X-ray

I’ve Suffered with my Bowels every since with constipation and big stools - for a 8 stone 5ft 4 girl! Always had tons of wind as well and it was always a joke in my family about my massive poos - I mean they are huge I never thought it was un normal but when they wouldn’t flush TMI haha it’s like oh maybe they are big lol they would be painful to pass obviously. It’s been this way every since I can remember. Never been regular to the toliet either I can go 3-4 days without going and again that’s ever since I can remember it was my husband who said that I didn’t go enough and I must have constipation or bowel issues. . Never saw a dr about it though until last year they gave me mint tec for a short spell.

I also had constant UTIS from been sexually active I’m taking UTIs every 2-4 weeks. First bacteria was found then it wasn’t anymore. I’d be in agony going for a wee. I had a camera in my bladder at the age of 22 which found my bladder to be inflamed and bleeding inside they diagnosed me and institital cystitis. I ended up seeing a bladder specialist via Harley st who actually diagnosed me with A chronic bladder infection in my bladder wall so there was bacteria there and everything is inflamed and angry.

I don’t remember not having painful sex to be honest always felt like a sharp feeling up there and irritating.

So I have a lot of history of issues down there for years. Did anyone else start with bowel or bladder issues?

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Yes I did. Always had painful sex from the off like you and frequent if mild thrush. But my issues developed after coming off the pill in my late 30s. It was prolonged bladder issues and fainting on the loo that drove me to the GP who luckily was clued up and found my RV nodule on internal examination.

Have you ever looked into SIBO or tried probiotics to try to aid your bowel motility?

I suppose I *did* start with a bladder issue which eventually got diagnosed as interstitial cystitis however I had always had horrendously heavy periods though because we don't talk about periods enough as teenagers I thought it was normal. It wasn't until I was 21 when all the bladder stuff kicked off and then I started to get ovarian cancer symptoms. My mum because extremely worried and paid for me to go privately. I was diagnosed with IC and stage 4 endometriosis and it's all kind of really gone tits up from there 😂🙈 (sorry having an awful pain day today so if I don't laugh I'll cry). I'm 27 now and have had 4 laparoscopies, a bladder distension for the IC which has helped, and have also been diagnosed with adenomyosis, ME and fibromyalgia. I'm seeing my consultant again on Monday as I've now got one of my pubic bones sticking out! Honestly! As if I need anything else to be getting on with. Anyway I haven't been on here in ages but I've seen a few of your posts this afternoon and if you want to chat more then please message me or something. I'll also leave my Facebook name in another comment (in case it gets deleted) so the whole reply doesn't disappear. Sending endo hugs though! Xxx

Kitty Pert - FB

Ooooo also forgot to mention that I now have a lot of bowel issues and they have confirmed endo is wreaking havok in my bowel and they want to do a resection now with possible temporary stoma 😬

Kate345 in reply to Catness

Sent you a Facebook message x

kellymarie26 in reply to Catness

What symptoms do you have with endo on your bowel?

I’ve been having a few bowel issues and just waiting on MRI results to see if it shows anything x

Kate345 in reply to kellymarie26

Constipation all the time IBS symptoms , pain in rectum during period. Pain after going for no 2

kellymarie26 in reply to Kate345

I’m constipated all the time. I’ve also been getting severe lower stomach cramps then I’m sat rocking on the toilet until my bowels have completely emptied.

It’s not in relation to my periods as haven’t had one in ages. Only happens 1-2 a month

Kate345 in reply to kellymarie26

I’m the same! Happened to me ages ago rocking back and forth! Can completely relete

Si_84 in reply to Catness

Hi sorry to jump in on the convo but just reading through posts and saw you said your bowels are bad, mine are giving me hell, may i ask your symptoms?x

I had painful periods and ovulation first as well as chronic fatigue. In the 2 years leading up to my diagnosis though, I started suffering from nausea almost every day, alternating constipation and diarrhoea and lots of gas. I now have constipation most weeks even though before those 2 years, I had healthy bowel habits and very rarely suffered constipation.

Kate345 in reply to Endo101

I’m so sick of feeling rubush and gassy and IBS symptoms :(

Endo101 in reply to Kate345

Yeah because of adhesions I've now got a tortuous bowel. The symptoms of which are exactly like ibs.

Endo101 in reply to Endo101

Yeah the gas is really embarrassing. Tummy often decides it's a good idea to get noisy during classes! A lecturer once asked if I was ok hahah

Have you seen a Gastro for your bowel problems? What has your GP suggested to you to deal with your constipation?

Kate345 in reply to 3caramel7

Had gastrointestinal issues since I was a kid and no ones ever suggested anything. I was anemic for a while last yea sold o taking iron which makes you even worse! Lol

Last year my gp gave me some mintec tablets which didn’t do anything and they’ve given me fiybgel sachets lateky

Do you kind of feel abandoned?

Also have you ever had an allergy or food intolerance tests? Any family history of Gastro problems

Kate345 in reply to 3caramel7

I did a celliac it was negative.

No family history of gyno issues but history of endometriosis lol

If you can , I think it would be useful to investigate this long term constipation sorted out. When they have taken an x-ray, do you have the tennis balls all lined up like bingo? Have you discussed your diet with anybody?

I had this problem was told it was endo but after lap it wasnt, was just issues due to constipation it had ruined my bowels. I take a probiotc, gut enzyme and lactulose solution to makes sure u keep regular or ur forever suffer!

Ive been rolling around in pain before with trapped wind or constipation... peppermint oil capsules and magnesium good aswell .

Which has also messed with my pelvic floor muscle so it super tight which effects sex! The pain.!!

I have found a great womens health physio that does pelvic floor bowel pain

Kate345 in reply to Lulububs

Ironical my vagina muscles are too tight. Always struggled with examaniations and sex.

My uterus is in a tilt apparently

Lulububs in reply to Kate345

Yes so have i , they were so quick to tell me i had enodo 20 years ago and put me on pill now im in 40s the realised it wasnt after lap.

It was all gluten intolerance and pelvic floor dysfunction...

It has messed my stomach up and periods , i hardly ever have sex and it kills me when i do but since seeing therapist it is so much better

Endo101 in reply to Kate345

Some people are just born with a titled uterus but it can also be because of endo

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