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Endometriosis on the bladder, your symptoms?

So, lately I’ve been suffering with having to pass urine a lot, possibly 5-6 times in an hour. I go to the toilet and empty my bladder, have some pressure just above the pubic bone. I can then go downstairs and still feel like I need to go to the bathroom and I’ve not fully emptied my bladder. This is quite a common problem which is happening daily to me, could this be linked to endo?

When my symptoms were really bad and I went to the gp I had wee samples checked which showed nothing but had blood in which they recommended getting checked (never did! My mistake) is this a symptom youve experienced?

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Sorry to hear you are suffering this! I have real problems at times with passing urine. I get a lot pain in my pelvis, deep stabbing/burning pain! Also go frequently too! It’s not nice and think it’s an endo symptom! X


I don’t really have them symptoms just the symptoms of peeing all the time! It’s so bad, I also wake up with such a bad stomachache because of the pressure of my bladder!

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Hey, I haven’t been diagnosed or anything but when I’m on my period, I get bad bladder problems such as frequently going, feeling of pressure and pain if I hold it for like 10 minutes. I know how you feel and have the same issues


Bladder frequency is what drove me to the GP and caused me to get diagnosed, so yes it can be an Endo symptom.

I had 2 plaques of Endo on the outside of my bladder and also pressure on the bladder from a large RV Endo nodule and adhesions distorting my bowel out of place.

The surgery has resolved my bladder issues, though I now have other issues in place of it.


It drives me up the wall! It effects going out as I’m always worried if I’m on a long journey bout needing to stop which honestly I never use to do! I just constantly feel like my bladder is full which is a very annoying feeling!


Yes , it drove me insane too. There weren't enough ladies toilets at my work as it's IT. By the time I'd found one free and gone back to my desk I had to go again. I had to ask to work from home for a bit.

I also had a touch of IC ( interstitial cystitis), which was helped by going organic on lady towels ( natracare) and SLES and paraben free on shower and shampoo ( kind natured.com) but doesn't sound like you have that issue.

I had a cystoscopy at the same time as my lap which checks for any Endo inside the bladder, which it sounds like you need to have done.


Thanks for your story!

Think I will push for one after my surgery as my gynaecologist told me he can’t heck anything other than my ovaries and down there etc! Which I’m having lots of problems elsewhere too!

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I’ve suffered either bladder symptoms For a while which have gradually got worse.

The doctors found blood in my urine and due to how often I was urinating, they referred me to a urologist. Investigations are still on going but they found that I have food triggers as well as inflammation in my bladder. I’ve. Had a cystoscopy and urodynamic tests done and my doctor at the hospital has said that it’s starting to indicate a condition called interstitial cystitis.

Interstitial cystitis can be more common when you have endometriosis or IBS. I unfortunately have both of these.

I would definitely persue referral for your symptoms. Even if it’s not interstitial cystitis it’s worth ruling it out.

I hope this helps. Keep me updated on your progress😀

X x


Thanks for giving me names of differentent conditions, I’ve never even heard of any of them!

I will definitely get it checked after my laparoscopy as my gynaecologist can’t check them areas which is rather frustrating!



Endo is listed as an associated condition



Thank you for the links!:)


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