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What symptoms did you have with an ovarian cyst?

For the last 6 weeks I have had some things like diorrehea, pain in my abdomen and left hip....but it's not all the time as sometimes lasts a few days and then might disappear but comes back again at some point. Doc did a stool sample which was clear of anything nasty but as its not acute not sure whether to go back again or not.....

I had a partial Hysterectomy last year for severe Endo & Adeno (not done by an Endo specialist!) so only really have my my left ovary left which is what's making me wonder if it could be a cyst as have currently got that heavy/full feeling in my tummy plus pain and aching in my left hip!

Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks in advance.


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I've had 4.

Largest one no symptoms at all, didn't know it was there.

Cyst No.2 was swelling up pushing my belly button over to one side, the cyst was constantly grumbling achey pain.

It burst in agony, ambulance to hosp, misdiagnosed with PID, no scans done put on anti biotics instead. No improvement, had a scan a few weeks later and there was still signs of the burst cyst, and a few more weeks of pain and a follow up scan showed it had refilled again, and that was when the sleepr big cysts was spotted.

Surgery to remove both.

Last year had niggling aches, then new cyst exploded (I knew what it was this time round).

Since then it has refilled and my belly button is again on the move..this time the other direction from the centre line.

In both cases of explosion, it was preceeded by one day of extremely sore boobs. Not something I suffer with normally. So I consider that to be significant and if it happens again, then I know it must be likely a cyst is about to pop and hurt like crazy. I know other ladies have had a similar experience, but not everyone who has a burst cyst get sore boobs.

Cysts symptoms will vary, depending on where it is growing and what nerves and organs it is pressing on.

A cyst cold put pressure on the bowel or the bladder causing them to not function normally.

Some can be painful all the time, some can be painful occasionally and some can be quiet as a mouse.

Cysts themselves can by of different types, depending on the content of the cysts.

I lost one ovary in that surgery and so my subsequent cyst are from the remaining one, which is the one that had the big quiet cyst removed at surgery.

So it is now on its third cyst.

Speak to your GP if you think it is a cyst, and see if they agree and get you a trans vag US scan to check on it.

This is useful if the cyst hiding in the POD and that can cause toilet troubles as it pushes in to the bowel's space.


Thank you hun and sorry you have had so much trouble :(

I do keep getting sore boobs but then I have been confirmed as being peri-menopausal so assumed it was due to my hormone levels.

Had a gentle feel of my tummy last night and left side is definitely tender!

Just got a feeling my GP might say that because I'm peri-menopausal and most of the organs have gone that's there's no chance it could be anything like that....despite my complicated 20 year history with it! X


Have had a lot of Endo in the POD previously too! X


I had a cyst on my right ovary, which I had removed a long with the tube. Had endo removed which we didn't know I had till the lap. I had pain in my right side sometimes severe to a dull ache. I still have the pain on that side 8 months later although there is nothing there. Am being sent for another scan, my symptoms do match that of pelvic congestion, so it may be the case for you x


I've had two cysts now, one on each ovary. The first inkling I had of a problem was incredible pain during intercourse, and then a constant dull ache around the area constantly after that, varying in pain severity. I've had both removed, one last year one this year. Currently still recovering from the most recent surgery. I guess symptoms are different for everyone - some people don't even know they have one but I felt pain both times.


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