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Lap done!

I finally had my lap done yesterday. I was so nervous that nothing would be found... I had minor endometriosis on my left and right uterosacral ligaments whixh was treated. Thankfully no adhesions were noted and nothing stuck to my bowels and bladder. I have a retroverted bulky uterus which my consultant says he could clear see I have adenomyosis so it's been confirmed and that I will be seeing him on 6 weeks time to discuss a hysterectomy.

Only went into surgery at 18:00 last night so landed up being admitted overnight as I needed oramorph. Had brilliant tray mentioned from the hospital and such caring staff. Home now and doing well, pain is mild and I'm managing with just paracetamol at the moment. Getting up a bit to shift the gas and drinking peppermint tea and taking windeaze.

Feeling positive about moving forward now with the plans of treatment just got to get work to agree to pay me sick leave before I accrue it for the hysterectomy!

Then I'm sorted!

Hope you are all having a good week xx

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I'm pleased you are feeling positive and recovering well :)


Thank you... its amazing what sleep can do! Feel so chipper this morning... but been up a couple of times and although the pain is not too bad I feel exhausted... coffee and back to bed me thinks...

Am so keep for the op pain to settle down so that I can see what pains I'm left with.... Most of my pain was on the left with some minor pain on the right, back ache etc... All signs of it being on the ligaments...

I have adenomyosis confirmed now so not sure how much of it if any is from that... hoping I'll be comfortable pain wise until the hysterectomy...

Watch this space lol...

Have a lovely day x


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