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Lap in one week... only for diagnostic purposes!!!

I have my lap in one weeks time to see what's going on. They think the endo is back and now tell me in have adenomyosis too so will need a hysterectomy. I got a copy of the letter sent to my GP stating that I will first have a diagnostic lap and that I am.aware it's for diagnostic purposes only and not expecting any relief from my symptoms!!!!

I'm gobsmacked! He did not tell me that and I was hoping he would diatherm some of what he sees to alleviate some of the symptoms before the hysterectomy is done....

I'm angry now as I was looking of reward to some relief... in have had so much trouble with work lately I just needed a little break...

Is this normal to just go in and do.nothing but look..... am I in my rights to ask for more... I just don't understand why they can't while they are there? ??

Confused and angry!!!

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Oh I hate the "diagnostic lap"!

I always demand they do something rather than just a look.

I am having a hysterectomy, excision and bowel surgery next month.

My adenomyosis was diagnosed by an MRI and as I've completed my family, a hysterectomy is the next step. I did tell my surgeon that I also needed my Endo excised at the Same time as my hysterectomy and she said this is what she plans to do.

Are you being seen by an Endo specialist?


No... I don't think he is on that list that everyone keeps talking about. Saying that he is not an NHS consultant and it is thanks to him I was diagnosed as no one mentioned endo until I saw him... even though I was referred for another reason. So I trust him a lot.

I know he comes to see all his patients before they go in and he does the consent himself and I will be asking him I'd he can do anything to alleviate the symptoms. Finger crossed he will try...

I have decided to try not let this get me too down and if all he agrees to do is the diagnostic lap it's still a step forward towards my hysterectomy. I have never wanted and operation as bad as this! I can't wait... its like Christmas with the best gift ever!!! I just hope that he won't make me wait ages for my hysterectomy... I will be asking my occ health team to get involved as well because apparently they have a bit of clout...

My ideal would be for everything to be done this side of Christmas.... I don't care if I have to heal over the festive season... my family and kids will understand and be happy for me to be out this pain and then I can start the new year fresh! And start to get my life back!!!

Argh... I'm so frustrated... I better stop here before I start ranting again... lol.

good luck with your big op. I hope it gives you all the relief you want. Please fell free to message me if you need any support.... fingers crossed mine will not be to long from now xxx


What area are you out of interest? X


I'm in the south coast in West Sussex, in Bognor Regis. My consultant is Mr Faz Pakerian at the BMI hospital in Goring on sea.


Hmm. If it's not NHS that's trickier, and if the next plan is a hysterectomy, then may a diagnostic lap is a good idea.

You may already be well aware of the role of hysts in endometriosis, but if you haven't already researched it, please do. I know too many women who have been no better off or much worse off after a hysterectomy, so I feel I have to warn people now wherever possible. If you do have a hyst, the surgeon must remove every trace of Endo during the surgery to have any chance of success


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I'm in surrey under mr penny! Just about to email a list if questions before I go under the knife! X


They do this all the time - not only is it infuriating, but it's prioritising time and funding over your health. If they do have to go back in, you have twice the risk of complications and twice the likelihood of adhesions.

Personally I would contact PALS and make a complaint, saying that this is endangering your health unnecessarily and putting you at risk of more complications and more suffering. It's only done so they can be sure of how many people they can get through in a day.

I've had five laps over the years - if the treatment laps had each required a diagnostic one first, it would have been eight. For people who will need multiple surgeries over the years, and where the risk increases after each surgery, this is unnacceptable. It's not even like you've never been diagnosed - they don't need to do a diagnostic lap, you have a diagnosis, what you need is treatment!

Complain now and say you want a treatment lap only.


Hi cupcake girl...

I get what you are saying but in this case it is necessary to have a diagnostic lap.

I have adenomyosis as well and will have to have a hysterectomy but they can't do it until they see where the endo is in case they need other surgeons to get involved. So I totally understand why it's being done.

My only question is why can they not diatherm some of what they find while they are there to alleviate some of my current symptoms while I have to wait for the hysterectomy.

So no need to complain right now


I completely agree with you - that's exactly what I meant. There's no reason to do a diagnostic lap at all - they can do a treatment lap to relieve symptoms while also investigating before the hyst.


I have to agree with cupcakegirl, I'm in Canada and have have three lapsoroscopies then a laporotomy when the did the hysterectomy. That was between 1997-2003, and each time they did all the necessary coagulation,laser, lisis of adhesions and excisions. It is major surgery when your given anesthesia and as cupcakegirl put it, putting you at greater risk for adhesions ect. Having to go through all the diagnostic ultrasounds and what not each time it returns is bad enouph. You probably feel like a quarterback approaching the third yard line, and just want to get it done by now, or even want some justification for all the pain and suffering you'be been enduring to this point but it sounds needless to just geta diagnostic, I hope I never encounter such a suggestion.


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