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Hello fellow endo sufferers, I am preparing for an appointment with a gyno in less than two weeks. After my hysterectomy in 2003 I have been symptom free aside from the occasional ovarian cyst pain. This spring it started with breast pain so bad I did not get out of bed for days, didn't even want to shower they were that sore. Went on to get ultrasounds cause forget sticking them in a vice for mammogram, ouch! Nothing was found. Next I had pain radiating from the back around to my hip on the left side. Being it was spring I thought it could have been self induced from raking and hauling bags of dirt, sand to repair my lawn (two female dogs)I kept up with my usual trail walks but the pain was becoming increasingly worse. For six weeks I took robax platinum day and night but it didn't help and I starting getting blood in my stool so I quit. This went on through April and May. On the 26th of May I woke to miraculously no pain whatsoever! Until 5 pm anyway.

At the end of May the pain moved to the right, and was more pelvic pain, that's when my suspicions changed to, oh oh not again! The GP sent me through all the hoops of xrays yada yada yada, never layed a finger on me. Then I called our healthlinks one day when he wasn't available. She recommended I go to the nearest hospital because I was in so much pain. It was a rural hospital with no doctor on staff so they sent me to his office. He examined me and found my trigger point to be hip pain told me I need an MRI. So in order to get one sooner than the system would take I paid for it and got it in just a few days. It showed 2cm Bilateral ovarian cysts and trochantric bursitis left and right more so on the right.

Sorry this is getting long.

Skip to mid July. He administered blind injections of cortisone into each hip. That didn't help. August started seeing a physiotherapist.He diagnosed me with SI Joint Dysfunction.

The cyst on my left burst went to hospital they injected me with Toradol. What a wonder drug, why hadn't anyone done this for me in the past? Sent for more ultrasounds. Showed nothing despite the technician telling me I still had a cyst on the right but nothing on the left.

September went for fluoroscopic SI joint injection a week later I had one good day.

Now I have new symptoms, for a few days I was paler than normal my daughter even commented, heartburn at night, mild headaches daily, extreme fatigue, and I don't recognize myself in the shower, it's like I'm pregnant the way my abdomom peaked in the centre and it appears there is a bulge in the mid area to the left, to the touch it feels bruised. The scale doesn't iondicate any weight gain, Infact I've lost a few probably in muscle weight from not being as active. I've had the abdominal ultrasounds though and nothing showed so I'm staying calm. But I just did the ovacare symptom checker and checked every square! I know a lot of endometriosis symptoms are the same as ovarian cancer ones, this is not a shocker for me. But I would like to have a laporoscopy to see if things are going araw down there and ultrasounds in the past never showed the multitude of issues they found in surgery, infact despite my last one before my hysterectomy which detected the uterus texture being diffusely inhomogeneous, they never showed any of the cysts or endometriosis I had in the cul-de-sac, the uterosacral ligaments, the adhesions of the left tube being stuck to the left ovary.

Can I ask is it possible that I've had bowel involvement that went undetected also during my 4 surgeries and two colonoscopies? Because I have been diagnosed with IBS and suffer greatly with problems going. I have substantial sized internal and external hemorrhoids.

Do I ask the Gyno if at the time of my laporoscopy if there could also be a Gastroenterologist to correct these issues and investigate if I have endometriosis bowel involement?

I am 50 years of age and my blood tests do not indicate I am menopausal. Although one of you recommended I have that looked at more closly. What are some indications blood test wise?

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