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Hey everyone, I'm wondering if when you have laparoscopy and surgery for endo, does the surgeon take a biopsy? I'm getting increasingly worried as I'm getting new symptoms where I'm having tummy upset all round the clock somedays and feel nauseous after eating. I also seem to not be able to manage much food. I'm worried I could have something more sinister going on. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo in 2013 and I'm 25. If anyone could offer their advise or share their story with me id really appreciate that! X

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Hi I can only tell you what happened in my case, after last lap I got a letter after 2 weeks saying samples taken at time of procedure showed no significant abnormality. I took this to mean nothing was cancerous, the surgeon had already told me post op they had found stage 4 endo everywhere. So I presume they send samples off for everyone?


I reckon they must do as after my diagnostic lap I was told I had stage 4 endo but that what they found was benign (non cancerous). If you're really worried just ask your surgeon.xx


Thanks for the replies! I would have thought they would check everyone especially if it's advanced endo but I don't ever remember them saying anything to me about biopsies! I guess I'll have to ask my GP. I really hope they did as I'm pretty worries about these new symptoms I'm having :(


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