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Hi everyone, basically been in a&e all morning then sent to surgical team because they thought I had appendicitis. After saying about my endo they decided is wasn't that and I'm going back for an ultra sound in the morning. The thing is I'm really worried because I'm having a brown bloody discharge and really severe pelvic pain, it's different to my endo pain. I'm just really worried because iv never had this discharge before it's a lot and with the pain is so worrying it's noting to do with my period either. I know it's silly to be thinking as it could be many things but I'm so scared it may be more serious like cervical cancer or something. Iv been complaining about so many symptoms for so long because I'm 22 they've just brushed it off. Apart from endo that's finally getting sorted! Has anyone had anything similar? What was your outcome?

Also just to add iv had cervical screenings and there's been abnormal cells which turned out to be pre cancerous.

Thanks ladies I know it's not really endo related but someone may have had a similar experience xx

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Hi Hun, it could well be a ruptured cyst. Try not to worry (I know it's not easy) go for the ultrasound tomorrow and see what happens. Did you mention the discharge at a&e? If they thought for one second it was cancer they would be rushing you through the system.

I had a 11cm endometrioma which would leak and I would get a horrible brownish discharge which could last for a while.

Did they give you anything for the pain?

Try and get some rest Hun.

I'm here if you need me.


Hi Jean thank you! Would these show up on my ultra sound tomorrow?

I know cancer would be rushed if suspected and it is silly of me to think I jus worry when I don't know what's going on with my body. I had some codiene whilst at hospital but they didn't send me home with anything as I had tramadol at home, that doesn't seem to be touching the pain though.

Thanks for your info it really helps and is vey comforting. Xx

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Hi Hun, yeah if you have a cyst it will show up . Even if you had one rupture there would be evidence of it that should show up. Let me know how you get on tomorrow. Will be thinking of you.

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Hi Hun, how did you get on today?


Hi. I had similar hospital experience at xmas, a and e, appendicitis worries, extreme pain, discharge and finally scan. It was a cyst (on top of normal endo), it was absolutely excruciating. Thing is I went through the same pain and symptoms a few years ago and scan showed nothing, at time they couldn't decide what problem was but I realise now that the scan came after the cyst must have burst. Hope you get sorted soon x


Your symptoms sound really similar to when I had a right sight ovarian endometrioma burst, I also had a fever and felt completely wiped out for about three days after.

Hope you get the answers you need xxx


Hiya sounds similar to me . In hospital 3 days suspected appendicitis. Turned out it was endometrias cysts and my appendix was attached to the uterus ( hence the pain) I had dark brown discharge too . In the end had lap cyst removed and the appendix detached from the uterus and pain all gone ! It was constant daily . Hopefully you get some some answers? You need to be seen in BSGE centre if they tell you it's Endo cyst after your scan for best help . Take care and I do hope you get sorted soon X


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