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Newly diagnosed & worried :'(

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Hi all,

So I don't know where to start... I had surgery on Thursday to remove an ovarian cyst. Great news is that I was able to keep my ovary, but I have 'moderate' endometriosis and they had to treat my other ovary to remove endo from that too... That's all the information I have so far, I have an appointment with my consultant in a month to discuss things.

I'm 31 and want children, but it won't be for a few years yet... So I'm panicking to be honest :-( I know moderate endo has a substantial impact on fertility, that's assuming it doesn't become severe at some point...

I guess I'm wondering now if I've been living with pain that I kind of thought everyone got and actually it was endometriosis... I think I'm right that it can affect your bowel and bladder? I notice that if I need the toilet (bowel and bladder) I can either be uncomfortable or actually just in pain. Particularly my bowel, I can get really intense stabbing internal pains... Is that something anyone else gets? If I have a full bladder I get a really painful, slightly bloated lower stomach that I'm not sure is normal?! I've been thinking it was my cyst more recently as the pain from that was making me pass out when I ovulated, but I guess maybe I've been overlooking the full range of symptoms. I'm getting the stabbing pains this morning, even though the cyst is gone...

I'm so worried I won't be able to have children, I'm not sure how this is managed either...? I guess really it would just be nice to hear from people who understand. I'm terrified of the thought of not being able to have a family and really tearful at the moment.

Is there any support out there for partners too? My boyfriend is really worried... I'm also worried he doesn't understand how big them impact of fertility problems are for a woman.


Lise x

5 Replies
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Sorry to hear your news, I havnt got much helpful information I'm afraid just wanted to say there are a lot of ladies that have both conceived naturally and with ivf, So please don't think it's just no, there is all sorts of things to try, good luck and welcome.

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Liseylu7 in reply to Tboag

Ah, thank you for your reply :-)

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Hi there, Im 20 I have endometriosis that I had removed a month ago, I have a baby aged 10m , I conceived while I had endo. I am worried that it will affect me in future if it came back and progressed, but as I've been reading many post I have seen many ladies even some that had stage four endo and they have been able to have children. Its Heart breaking that ladies think endo instantly means they will never be able to concieve but many ladies here are living proof that this isn't the case , yes it may take longer and its a terrifying thought but reading success stories give a great confidence boost I think . I still have pain now, but ladies have been telling me it can take around two months for the pain to really go after a lap . I had to sit down with my husband and have a long detailed conversation about endometriosis , the symptoms , the pain, and what it could meanfor me and the impact that it may have on us in the future , he was very understanding and is much more supportive now that he understands the condition more. I think talking and is a key factor for us living with it . X

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Hi i have near stage 4 - found out day of surgery two weeks ago and I'm 38. I'm also very worried. They should get u referred for IVF treatment - they have with me - I'm trying naturally still but will use that route if necessary.

Good luck x

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Hi I am only 15 so not much help with pregnancy I'm afraid. However, regarding the bowel and bladder situation I can unfortunately relate. When I pass urine I get an uncomfortable stabbing pain in the middle of my abdomen just above bikini line. The same with passing stools, leading up to it I can sharp spasms and regularly have to deal with either constipation or diarrhea. It's probably not a helpful comment but just to assure you that those symptoms are not uncommon x

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