I had a TAH BSO back in September of last year because of endo but my pelvic pain returned a couple of months ago. I've been back to see my consultant and I was referred for blood tests and scans.. Just had my ultrasound scan and transvaginal scan, they have found something in the area where my right ovary should've been! Could be a patch of endo or could be another blood clot (I was in hospital for 2 1/2 weeks with PE's and Pneumonia because of the hysterectomy).. 😢 the internal scan also made me bleed.. I have to wait to hear from my gynae now.. I was told not to worry but I'm petrified 😢😢


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  • hi I would go and see your gp if you can't get to see the gynecologist soon, the thing about the transvaginal scans is that I find they are quite rough with you, this is probably why you bled I did a little too. Your gp should be able to tell you some information and to be honest if if was something they were worried about they would have you in straight away. Try and make an appointment asap so you don't scare yourself silly. Take care xx

  • Hi, are you being seen in a bsge centre if not I would get a refferal, I had a hysterectomy last July for adenomyosis, but have endometreosis too, and unfortunately the hysterectomy didn't really help with endo symptoms, I'm now under a bsge specialist and am awaiting a laparoscopy. Good luck and fingers crossed for a speady appointment x

  • What's a BSGE centre? I had another appointment already booked with my consultant for early June.. 3 weeks today infact. :-)

  • A bsge centre is a centre that has been set up by the nhs, and the surgeons that work through them have had extensive training on excision surgery which is much better than any form of ablation, a hysterectomy isn't a cure for endo and can only every be beneficial if all your endo is thoroughly excised, I would ask for referral x

  • Could be ovarian remnant syndrome . Even if ovaries removed . At least they found something in there - the worse case secenario is If they didn't find anything. If you stop taking the HRT and you don't get flushes / sweats etc then its very likely. Also a blood test would show high estrogen ( ie not that expected of a woman with ovaries removed ) and low FSH. Hope you get treated ok hugs xxx

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