Worried!! Vaginal bleeding but not period!

I had my period about 10 days ago and all finished. Now this morning I have light vaginal bleeding. The same thing happened last month yet again about 10 days after my period. This isn't normal for me as until this month and last month I haven't suffered bleeding between periods before. I have stage 4 endo with bowel and uterus stuck together and I'm 27. The past 4 months or so I have suffered more with endo bowel symptoms And back pain! My question is, is this endo causing the bleeding? I'm getting really worried that something else is wrong with me. I always worry about things like cancer and stuff because I feel ill a lot of the time right now :/ This is getting me really down emotionally too and I'm so worried and anxious all the time :(

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  • Hi I have this every month 10 or 11 days after period (only for the last 6 months) My gynae said it's from ovulation and unless it's more often and at different times then it's just normal. I also worry a lot about things like cancer ect. I think if you are upto date with your smear tests then it's very rare to be anything serious. If you are really concerned please ask your gp. Xxxx

  • Thanks for your reply! That's reassuring! hopefully it is just ovulation! X

  • The endo can cause irregular bleeding in some women, and there have been reports that women with endo feel ill much easier/more often, however if you are concerned you should discuss with your GP so that they can check that everything is as normal as it can be for you.

    A x

  • Thanks for you reply and the advise! I really appreciate it! X

  • I've been having this for about the last 4 months, gp thinks it's endo related and have been referred back to gynae x

  • Yes this is endo, unfortunately I had it for 12 years without let up until my consultant did emergency operation a lot better after wards but I still get it now even after having hysterectomy and bilateral salpinģo

    oompherectomy I get it for about a week at a time it's not pleasant but they have told me to bed rest ..

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