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Danazol! Help im scared

Hi, i have been prescribed Danazol for 6 months in a last ditch attempt to reduce my endo before a 5th lap. From what I have read it sounds awful and side effects sound truly horrible. Ive been on zoladex before and that wasnt pleasant but this sounds worse! Has anyone had any good results or tried this as Im too scared to take it! But know I cant leave endo to get any worse. I already have a mirena and top up pop Im going to be a hormonal nightmare!

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It's the same - both drugs act the same way. They both overload the pituitary gland causing it to shut down hormone production of several essential hormones and the side effects you experience which are unique to you, come about from how you body copes with dwindling hormone supply to zero supply of specific hormones,

If you have been through Zoladex for 6 months that is the maximum dose in a lifetime for the GnRH family of drugs and the drug manufacturers do not advise you to go beyond that 6 months, for the sake of your bone strength and heart health amongst so many health risk factors.

It is entirely voluntary if you want to go ahead now with Danazol or not. Do not be coerced in to having chemo it has to be your choice making an informed decision and knowing the risks and consequences.

It will not kill off or cure the endo, only surgery can remove existing endo.

If you have not yet had your 6 months in life time, perhaps only 3 months, then you can still have 3 more months on GnRH at any time - is you are insane enough with pain to do that.

It is no adequate substitute for surgery if that is what you need. If you are on a waiting list for surgery then see your GP about suitable strength pain killers to use till the op. Having a talk with and endo centre pain specialist can be very useful - so too can speaking to a pain clinic if there is one near you.

They can provide you with info on a variety of coping strategies that help you deal with on going pain.

All the accredited endo centres are listed on

bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi... and most have an endo pain specialist as part of the team.

Finding ways to manage the pain if much better for you than a second course of GnRH.

It doesn't get easier second time round, if anything the opposite is true as you are an older human being coping with the loss of the hormones you increasingly rely on.


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