Please help I'm scared


Diagnosed with endo in December 2012, had a lap and my periods returned to normal afterwards. Not really had any hiccups until now.

I just woke up covered in blood, it's literally everywhere, had to jump in the shower and strip my bed. I'm not due on for about 10-14 days, this is very unusual for me. It's very runny blood, which is unusual for me too and my periods never start so heavy.

The pain is getting worse, I don't know what to do - anyone know if this is just my endo? Or should I go to A&E?



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  • I think you should go a and e. Doesn't sounds right at all. Wishing you well x

  • Millie, what happened, lovely? Did you go to A&E?x

  • Hi Chrissie,

    Sorry I forgot I had posted on here. I cleaned myself up and fell asleep, I was so tired. I'm still bleeding so I think it's just an early period.

    Just shocked me a bit. Thanks for your concern

  • I'm not surprised it shocked you. If there is any chance that it could have been a miscarriage and the bleeding doesn't stop it might be worth a trip to the GP to make sure there's no infection going on xxx

  • Hi Hun I'm, sorry to say but it sounds like a miscarriage Hun. I would get yourself to A&E and see what they say.

  • Hey

    Thanks, I did wonder about miscarriage but I'm still bleeding so I think it might just be a random bleed/early period.

    Thanks for your reply, I actually forgot I had posted on here, it was 5am and I was tired and confused.


  • Hey Hun I had this happen to me a few years back and one dr said it could of been a miscarriage my gyne at the time said a little haemorrhage that is caused by the endo ( I know the amount of blood it doesn't look little)

  • Bless your heart, I hope you're ok xx

  • Hi Hun i only thought of miscarriage because of the pain you was in as well. Although 6weeks ago i had a bleed 4days after actually coming off my proper period. I have been told that the Endo can do that to you. Like you though it was a lot of blood, i got rushed in hospital for suspected eptopic and miscarriage and it was neither.

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