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please help

Okay so iv posted alot on here sorry! I'm 23, im a university student, this has got me down over the weekend

So iv had pain all weekend completley different to my endo pain. Seen 3 people about it none of which cared it was just a case of see your gp!

saw GP today wohooo and said to her this pain is different its worse its sharp its sudden bla bla bla, she examined i screamed in pain....... she then said well its hard to say whats wrong maybe just your endo spreading (why do they insist on every pain being endo now) so prescribed me tramadol which has done nothing except make me more sleepy. doctors words im not curing the pain im masking it!!

Anyways I have had enough I know my body I know my endo pain and this isnt it, this is something else gynea related i think but who knows (just because of were it hurts and hurting on an internal)

Im looking for advice on what to do, I'm in agony I havent slept all weekend, im crying all the time, its just painful. what should I do? if it is the endo thats expanded or whatever shouldnt they be checking this?

anything please x

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Hey, phone your doctor and see if you can see him/her as soon as possible? tell them that your pain is worse, or if that doesnt work maybe id be worth going to the hospital and ask for an experienced doctor to check you over, just in case its something like your appendix, say that your worried that something else is causing you the pain because its completely different pain!

hope it helps

Get well soon x


had my appendix removed so i know its not that but i know something isnt right, and surely if the endo has developed and moved onto my tubes or anything it needs seeing to

just sick of being sent away with painkillers that arnt working


oh right:/ it might have gotten a lot worse and that you might need lap?

Painkillers never seem to work anymore

hope you get the answers you need!


Thank you



When was your last ultrasound? Did they look at the whole pelvic area? Maybe they missed something? You need to go back to your GP and/or get another opinion. Tramadol will only knock you out and in my opinion only makes you drowsy thereby not allowing you to do anything and not really take the pain away either.

Is there someone who could go with you so that you are not 'fobbed off' and to give you moral support? A friend? A relative? A partner? Have you had a laparoscopy? If so, when? I know you say the pain is different but it might be endo related. Endo can get everywhere and is different for everyone. I was diagnosed 21 years ago at 19, have had 7 laparoscopies, 2 hysteroscopies and 1 child later, I think my endo has recurred as my symptoms are really playing me up right now. I average every 2-3 years before having to have another op, so I'm about due.

Anyway, go back and get some answers - you need some tests at the very least and then you can move forward. I wish you luck - be well... x


has a lap june thats when i was diagnosed with endo....... i understand endo can go elsewhere and stuff but i dont want guesses i want them to investigate and if that is the case do something they cant just expect you to live off painkillers and except that your pains are endo! they tried to do this to me in august turned out i had terrible appendicitis so now i am very wary i will except its endo when they prove it


I suggest u go to A&E if the pain is so bad I would b worried u cld hve an ectopic pregnancy , a normal pregnancy test won't test post if this the case , I'm just speaking frm experience as I had an ectopic many years ago & my Fallopian tube burst when in was @ A&E dnt mean to frighten u but u know as all us endo suffers know we get pammed off all the time , I hope ur ok & get some help & answers , good luck , Ali


Thank you so much! i didnt know that ectopic pregnancy's didn't show up on a normal test. well iv just 100mg of tramadol and im still in pain, just feels like id be wasting my time because like you said we just get pammed off coz we have endo which isnt right at all.


How r u feeling today ? It's just crap all this endo pain something seriously needs to be done to get more awareness of this , no only thing that shows up is blood tests as far as I rem , good luck I'm heading bck to docs tomorrow myself & this time I won't b pammed off :(


hoope u got sorted, im still in agony determined this isnt endo but as soon as u say u have it then its boom oh its that coz thats the easy option


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