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Hi everyone,

I am new to this so please bare with me.

I was due to have a laparoscopy in May as they think I have endo due to family history, it took me 2 years to get referred to see someone. My friend has recently had her second laparoscopy for her endo and what she was saying really scared me, so I cancelled mine. At the moment I am not in any pain which is another reason why I cancelled it. I have re-booked it in for October/November time but what is concerning me, is that my friend is still in pain now and its been over 2 months since her op. Also her symptoms didn't improve after her first op and I don't want to put myself through something that could potentially make me worse.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.


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I am having a laparoscopy in August, so I understand the wanting to cancel again.

Try to remember that not everyone's situation is the same. Everyone heals at different rates. I know you trust your friend, but not everyone's medical situations are alike. You may have the procedure done and have a totally different outcome. If your doctor thinks the procedure needs to be done, they usually have a good reason to do so. Also, express your concerns with your doctor and I am sure they will be more than understanding.

Take care for the time being and try to relax. ✨


My consultant wants to do an examination through the laparoscopy but won't actually tell me what he is going to do. I know he can't tell me much until he has a look but I hate hospitals at the best of times lol. I will have a chat with him tho thank you.

I hope yours goes ok in August xx


I'm in the same boat.. won't know what they're going to do until they have a look.

I'm sure we will both get through it! keep me updated on how it goes✨


Hi, so sorry your feeling so nervous I've had 2 now and there not as bad as you think everyone is different. I was petrified for my first one and in tears going down to theatre but when I got home I said how it really wasn't any where near as bad as I thought. Then with my second I had a lot of work done so was a little more tender for a while but it really helped my symptoms. I know it seems scary but you will feel so much better once you finally know what it it that's going on it there, you've had such a long wait and hopefully it will help with your symptoms it helped a lot with mine xxx


Hi ya, this will only be the second operation I have had but I know I need to do it to find out what is causing the pain. All my mums side have had problems and had hysterectomys which is why they think I have endo. Do you notice a massive change in your symptoms once you have healed? Xx


Yes it really made a difference I have some sort of life back now I wasn't really able to go anywhere and was always off work but it's really improved now xx


Hi was your friends laparoscopy just diagnostic or did they do some surgery at the same time? If yours doesnt hurt now or is minimal id leave it and reconsider if you feel its necessary. Your choice obviosly but a lap that is just diagnostic ( ie just having a look ) isnt going to improve anything its just a way of looking inside your body so they can see what is there and plan better what if anything to do next. I found mine a breeze they arnt too bad although i appreciate everyone different they usually are not that painful and they give you lots of pain meds and your under anasthetic. Fitting of a coil is far worse in my mind or a hystoscopy .


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