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Im sorry this is a bit of a gross question..........but I need some advice!!

So its a long story....as most of our endo stories are.....ill give you the short version

I have PCO and Endo, first lap Sept 2013 to remove endo from US Ligs and POD. After the surgery I was in way worse pain than before. Finally they thought it was nerve pain from the surgery, so gave me Nortriptyline(not really working yet). I have been un-officaly trying for children for 3 years. If no joy by May, I HAVE to go on fertility treatment. If im still in pain by May, I might have to have another Lap first

Im a professional snowboarder,tried for the Olympics but endo got in the way:( So I wanted to come away for one last season before babies!!!

So im in America right now, and for the last 3 weeks I have been bleeding out of my bum (im so sorry!!!) every time I have a bowel movement, sometimes without! And there is quite a bit of blood. Think i may have been constipated, so been taking fibergel/linseed/laxitives.....still lots of blood

I have insurance but it is SUCH a pain sorting it all out in America. Do I need to bother going to the docs here?? Or will it be ok? Does anyone else have this and know what it could be??? Should I just wait for it to pass or is it something serious?? Im not back in the UK until May ish time


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Hi Snow, endo bleeds are with you cycle, if your bleeds are outside of your periods then it is much much more likely that you have caused either a small tear in the bowel called an anl fissure (which can take some time to heal up) or your have a haemarrhoid or pile that is popping open with each trip to the loo.

In both cases they need a chance to calm down and heal up which means a determined effort for several days to keep your bowel movements loose using laxatives. The wrong thing to do is to hold in the poo as it just backs up more and more and needs to stretch the damaged part of you all the more when you do go poop.

Over the counter laxtives and suppositories taken for a week or so should give your body the time it needs to heal without stretching the wound open each time a poop passes through.

This is the most common reason for rectal bleeds in the general population anyway setting aside any endo issues. Most people develop piles or haemarrhoids as they get older anyway, there is not much anyone can do to stop them developing.

There are surgical interventions for both piles and anal fissures - but they re a last resort and quite honestly spending a few days devoted to TLC of the rear end by keeping the poop soft and easily shifted is by far the best thing to do and something you caan do for yourself without incurring much extra expense.

Drinking plenty of water is essential too if you are taking laxatives as they encourage your bowel to absorb a lot of water which keeps the poop soft.

There are creams you can get over the counter as well as on prescription for piles to relieve pain and itching - especially useful if you know you do have piles and quite often they can be seen as a swelling on the anus , anal fissures or tears might be bit too far up inside for creams to be of any use, but you can get that checked out by a Doc if you feel that you are not getting anywhere with self treating using laxatives.

Of course there are other reasons that may be why you have rectal bleeding including but not limited to endo, but from what you have said I strongly suspect this is probably an anal fissure or tear, which is not nice and can take some time to recover from. It doesn't even have to be a big tear - might be something really small but each time a solid poop passes by it stretches open the wound again at the weakest point and you are back to square one. So a really good session of several days of laxatives as you have been doing is the 1st aid attack on it.

Glycerine suppositories you put up the bum (use disposable gloves of course!!) Will be much more effective in keeping things soft in the final section of the poops journey out of you. While it isn't pleasant experience having to use suppositories it's not nearly as bad as it sounds when you get down to it and you will be amazed how much better they are than taking any oral laxatives which are then having to make a very long journey to reach the bowel and are less effective by the time they reach the far end.

If after a week or 10 days of laxative TLC and keeping hydrated, the problem still exists and it hasn't healed - or you think it may have got infected and you get a fever or any other signs of infection then do seek out a local Doc who can get you on antibiotics if necessary - or investigte further to check if this is caused by an anal fissure or piles, or something else.

it does sound like you are on the right track - but perhaps a more intensive effort on the laxatives will give your bum the respite it needs to recover.

Very best of Luck - and it's not too icky a problem to discuss on this forum - we all get these things from time to time....everyone - men and women.


Thank you for your replies Impatient and YellowRose:) Everyone is always so helpful on here, I know I can count on you guys!

I havent really looked too closely at the poo, but I will do next time and keep an eye on it, guessing if theres blood in the poo its bad?

Although it does sound like what Impatient said...hopefully! Right, I am going to carry on with the Laxitives and look after my bum, and fingers crossed it will clear up. Ill give it 10 days ish and then maybe think about going to the Docs here if there is still blood

Thank you so much again

I hope you are both ok and not in too much pain

x x x


I regularly have this with endo but is much improved when using laxatives as the endo is on my gut. After multiple open surgeries I have been put on duloxetine for the pain as nor causes gut problems which has been miraculous for my pain. Should get bleeding checked out though just in case it's not constipation! X

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I had this with endo, not lots of blood but a little, was really painful going to the loo, I had an MRI scan and they confirmed the endo was on and had gone through my bowel, I had a big op in November to remove the section of bowel, has been a long recovery and have just gone back to work as a PE teacher this week, but, the pain has gone now so well worth it.


Hi lux40945 and Jolene2905, thanks for your replies:) Im going to stick out the laxitives for a few days and see if it gets any better. I get a lot of aching in my lower back, not sure if this has anything to do with things? And it had always been very painful going to the loo:( Lux40945 did you mean you were on Nortriplyline but it causes gut problems??

When I had my lap I asked the surgeon in my follow up appointment 2 months later if she had checked my bowel for endo, she couldnt remember and checked the notes and then said that she thought she had, and she thought it was ok!! Didnt really fill me with confidence!

Jolene2905, so happy that you can go back to work now and your feel better, there is hope!!!

Thanks again x x x


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