what diet/foods and vitamins are good for endo?

I had an operation 2 weeks ago which went well but unfortunately I endo tissue on some of my vital organs so could not be removed. I had a marina coil fitted but had to have it removed due to complications. I have decided not to have any other treatments for the next few months as I want to give my body time to heal. I would like to know of any known diets, specific food, and vitamins that will help repress the endo .

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  • Hi there. Firstly I'm sorry to hear you're suffering too and hope you find something to help you. I've been suffering with endo for 10 years now with most days in total pain. So I was told about the endometriosis diet where you cut read meat and dairy and gluten etc. I was also told about acupuncture two years back. I am so sceptical I thought how will diet help and needles? No thanks! But I finally started both this year and two weeks later( with intense course of acupuncture) I'm pain free. Honestly I'm not kidding. I feel like a new person. Obviously everyone reacts differently to treatments but for me it's amazing. Maybe a combo of the both but I would definitely try the diet! Would you like me to find you a link of the book?! X

  • Thank you danni for sharing your experience. I would be very greatful if you could send me the link. Thanks again x

  • You're welcome :) here are the two books I have



  • Thank u again! Really appreciate this x

  • I also follow a gluten free dairy free diet and noticed a dramatic improvement in pain levels after a month.

  • I dont have gluten or wheat and so far seems to have helped I have not cut dairy out as its only cheese I have now and again good luck hope things improve

  • Ladies do you cut red meat out too? And eggs?

  • I dont eat much red meat danni to be honest however since endo I have B12 injections to as iron not absorbing through bowel as should so i see it as one of them really as red meat does have iron. I think we are all indivdual and can tolerate things to different level I came to the conclusion let my body tell me and listen to it. So if something Ive had makes me feel grim I just avoid it. What a condition hey good luck.

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