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Wow...This is a whole new level of pain!

Okay so I know I am totally in the wrong here... and it is my fault entirely for not persisting with the contraceptive pill after my lap and diathermy to endo I had 3 weeks ago. But I am on a whole new pain level with this period! It's that quiet-dont-make-a-sound-grab-the-sick-bowl-just-in-case kindve pain! Naproxen, hot water bottles and warm baths aren't even touching it! I feel drained and fragile and every cramp feels like my insides want to drop out (sorry I'd TMI but I'm sure someone can relate?!)!

I really don't know whether I should make a journey to the hospital just to get stronger pain killers and sit for hours i a waiting room for them but this is driving me stir crazy!

Anyone have any suggestions that could help ease it off a little?

Thank you


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My first period after my lap literally dropped me to my kitchen floor so can completely understand! However it wasn't so bad the following month although I do still suffer!

If your finding it too much call 111 and see if a doctor could come to you to give you something as sitting in a waiting room at a&e will

Push you over the edge. Xx

Good luck


Hii, yes I can relate the pain of my period after my lap was so bad. I came on a week after .. I could move or eat I can't explain how bad the pain was. 4 periods later I'm still in pain I have no idea why after I was told after the first 2 it gets better. Last month I called 111 and they referred me to an out of hours doctor and was told I had an kidney infection(waste of time ) .. But the pain I get is so bad I have the water bottle the hottest it can get and it has scared my stomach and back from where it has burned my skin but still doctors don't understand. I really hope u get it sorted soon . Good luck and let me know what they say please if it will help us x


Hi, I've just had my second lap and with both the first month is horredous. Your body is trying to function normally through your cycle while all internal organs are basically raw and healing. It can take upto 3 months for the organs to heal and therefore you may experience pain during this time. However it does get better as time goes on. For my fist period post lap I was very sick and had to take tra.adol for the pain to get through it. But it does get better :0)


I didn't have too much pain with the first one but the next two were horrendous. I ended up in a&e one night as I was in such a mess, they gave me a shot of buscapan as we had tried everything else I could take and that definitely stopped my stomach cramping/giving me an upset stomach. I now have the tablets to hand so that side of it is covered. If you have tried everything you have it might be worth getting some stronger painkillers x


Hi Hun , when I suffered really bad with endometriosis I could not take the pill as it made my pain worse . I left being in pain for far to long and I wish I never now as it just got worse , please go back to the hospital as it's not been long since your operation so you are still covered by hospital , it's alway good to safe Hun , xx


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