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is this remaining pain normal?

I had laser on my (finally) diagnosed endo on sept 4th (its was up thru uterus,had stuck my ovaries together and on my bowel), Im now experiencing my first period since and although on the whole it is slightly more bearable, i am still experiencing the same intense pain at times. Still incredibly painful to pass water. can it really be coming back as soon as first period after treatment?? Was i just just expecting miracles?? Or is it normal to have same pain even though ive had treatment?

Any experiences or advice very much welcome and appreciated.

Thanks xx

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it hasn't had time to even heal up yet. The laser is like the worst sunburn on your skin which can blister then goes through the long process of calming down, peeling itching and so on. I'm afraid it does take a couple of months rather than a couple of weeks to heal. Even if the lap holes are pretty well healing, inside does take quite a bit longer, and most ladies experience a rather painful 1st period after gynae work done inside. It is not necessarily an indicator of what you will be feeling once the healing is done and the swelling has gone down too. You should allow youself till beginning of December really to have a better idea about how effective the op has been.

And if still in considerable pain when you have your periods then you need to taking steps to stop having periods. Mirena coil, BC pills etc.

Far too early to judge it yet though, so take pain relief if you need it, get plenty of rest , keep hydrated (remember you have been burnt- so you need to take on more fluids) and undertake gentle exercise like regular short walks if you can manage it.


I agree. Took me a good 8 weeks to feel better and pain free. You have had surgery , and are still healing on the inside, not go over doing it just yet x



Sorry to hear you are still experiencing pain.

I had endometriosis and subserosal fibroid removed during diagnostic laparoscopy in April this year after years of pain and fertility problems.

After recovering from surgery

I had slight relief from my pain for a few weeks, until after my first period when it started up again.

And now it feels just as bad as it was before!!

I explained to my consultant that my pain had come back already and he told me that it was possible that some endo could be left behind as it can be very deep and hard to find.

I am currently on mini pill after trying combined pill ( which didn't agree with me ) and I'm still in pain.

It also hurts bad in my right side when I pass water.

So my answer is... I do believe it can come back so soon,as it feels like it has with me.

I have only recently started the mini pill though so i suppose I need to give it a good chance to see if it helps with my pain.

Give yourself a little more time to heal and if you are no better then make sure you seek further advice!!

Hope you are feeling better soon :-) x


Sorry to hear your in pain too, tho im glad to hear its not just me!! Yes i still have pain when i wee, and sometimes if i sit down too quickly its hurts my back passage just like it used to. I suppose theres only so far they can look though :(

I have a follow up in November, luckily i have the nicest gyne who really listens, it took 7 years to get diagnosed, i knew it all along, and just kept getting fobbed off, hence why he found so much in surgery.

I unfortunately can not take hormones, they make me very unstable, i have tried many in the past, and will not have the copper coil again, as i got pregnant with it in.

So i guess ill just have to live with it until it gets so ad again i need another lap.

Thanks xx


I had my op where I had lots of lasering and cutting etc on the 24th May and only now am I starting to feel better.... normal recovery for that kind of treatment is 3 - 6 months so don't worry. Stressing about the continuing pain will only prolong the recovery. I stressed for ages! I still get it occasionally but it is much better, however it took about 3 months to notice a significant improvement. So sit tight and do not over do it too much - rest as much as possible and don't go over board on the exercise! xxx


It wasn't that long ago, you need time to heal


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