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What is this pain... Fed up!!

I had a laparoscopy in May and was told I've got endometriosis... This explains my ongoing battle with pelvic, back and leg pain. It was performed by an Endometriosis specialist (gyne). I am still having pain and my GP has told me its around the area my bowel/intestine is... I've tried anti-spasmodic meds which don't do much to help!

What I want to know is... Will the specialist have looked at ALL organs or only the gyne ones when she did my lap?

I'm fed up of not knowing what's going on in my body and why I'm in pain every day :(

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If you've had a diagnosis what is the plan of action to make you better ! Why aren't you having it removed ???? Once that is achieved you then need to manage your periods with possibly hormone therapy etc


I have the mirena fitted already and I have tramadol for the pain. They offered me zoladex but I was advised not to have it if I want a family in the next 2 years (I'm 25 with no children).


I would try the qlaira pill instead but you should have it removed even if you want children 😀


I should have what removed? The mirena?


With my diagnostic laparoscopy they looked at everything they could reach without making a large incision. So bowel, liver, kidneys etc. Most like they did the same for you, post op I tried a series of contraceptive pills (they said this would prevent it from returning so aggressively) this was unsuccessful as I had a 4 and half month bleed and the pain was worse than it was before.

I now take nothing, and my cycle is regular. Diet is crucial ! I suffer with endo on the bowel so suffer in that area too 😳 I suggest at least 2 litres of water a day to ensure hydrated muscles and minimise fatigue in your legs. I mainly use the anti candida diet, it's not a weight loss thing it's purely to minimise any fungus/yeast build up that effects hormonal conditions such as endo !

I really hope this helps .. Sorry it's a long reply !

Take care

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Hi Jodie

Endo affecting the bowel must only be dealt with in a specialist endo centre. The surgeon doing your diagnostic lap should know this and should be referring you on. Have a look at my posts on the treatment pathway and how to find a specialist centre. The one on uterosacral ligament endo may be useful too as that is often the cause of back and leg pain with endo near the bowel.


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