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Spent 3 nights in Gynecology ward!

I spent most of last week in the gynecology ward in the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford after my pain got even worse. I struggled through Monday and on Tuesday evening I was near my limit of coping with the pain. I had already taken the maximum dose of my painkillers so my flatmate phoned 111 for me and they sent a paramedic. He was reluctant to send me to A&E (which pissed me off at first, but it turned out to be a good thing). Instead he got me an emergency doctors appt and drove me to the surgery. The doctor was horrified that I still haven't had a laporoscopy after something like 6 A&E admissions requiring morphine, and referred me to the surgery emergency unit, where they gave me morphine and I stayed there until 4am while they assessed me. I spoke to a doctor who said they would not give me surgery as it is not an emergency, but he referred me to the gynecology ward. I ended up staying there until Friday. My pain has never been so bad or so persistent. No matter what they gave me, it just kept coming back like a vicious monster! It was a very difficult few days for me. I was so physically and emotionally drained from such a high level of pain.

I think that admission was definitely a blessing in disguise, as I saw some very good doctors that took me very seriously and the nurses understood my pain and were never reluctant to give me more painkillers. I saw one doctor, who discovered that I am experiencing referred nerve pain caused by the endometriosis, which explains why the pain has got even more intense. She put me on Amitriptyline to get rid of that, and I am seeing her again on 16th June. She took my pain seriously and was very empathic. She knew how much pain I was in and it was such a relief to talk to a doctor who really understood.

I was discharged on friday and I have been feeling weak and tired since. On saturday I literally slept all day, until 5.30pm! My pain is under control with the maximum dose of paracetamol, diclofenac and tramdol. Luckily the Amitriptyline is knocking me out at night like a sleeping pill, so i'm not waking up in need of morphine. I'm trying to get my strength back.

Sorry for the essay! Hope you are all okay x

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Sorry you had to go through that. But I'm glad you were able to see a doctor who really understood and wanted to help you. I hope you're feeling much better soon! X


That sounds like me last year. Fingers crossed the doctor will help you and get that laparoscopy very soon xx


So sorry to hear you've had such a bad time. I too have been in the Oxford gyne ward and gyne surgery ward and have nothing but praise for the team up there. Good luck getting your strengh back, one day at a time! Hope a lap date comes through for you soon! xx


Hi, i hope your on road yo good health again. I been in a very similar position but hospital wasn't helpful at all, made things alot worse and i was in 3 days. Got sent home with no more painkillers that wasn't helping me before and made me so angry as i was on morphine injections and liquid while in hospital. They said they get me gynie appointment but only cos said i wouldn't leave. Contacted the gynie sectery after 2weeks COs pain awful and couldn't work. They couldn't find it but it turned out only sent my discharge letter. I got letter for appointment over months later. Saw my gp and he sent referral off. Finally 8weeks after being off work i saw gynie in having a laposcope which is my 6th op on 11th June, so finger crossed all go well as we been trying for baby over a year now. IM hoping this op will give me a good future for bit and not have morphine at home night and day will be dream come true

i really hope the best for you Hun, take care xxx


Thanks for yor replies everyone, the pain is finally decreasing now and I have a bit more energy. I wonder if the Amitriptyline has started working. Coffeemoster, sorry to hear you have had such a bad experience in hospital and good luck with your lap next week, I hope it gives you answers and is successful Xx


Oh wow,

There's no need to apologise as that's so much to go through in the last few days i bet it feels slightly better to get it off your chest.

Although i have not experienced any excuriating pain im beyond nervous about seeing a gynacologist next week about a cyst in or around my uterus area.

I think my main worry is about how i'll cope with a possible unwanted diagonosis as i have 2 very young children & it saddens me to think i will potentially miss out on some of their life.



Hey Tamsin,

I am so sorry you had to go through what I can only imagine was a traumatic ordeal. You poor thing! I hope you are ok now. I am also an endometriosis sufferer, like yourself, and I have spent the last year or so struggling with the waiting times and just the general inadequacy of treatment in this country. I started looking into having treatment abroad and I found a website called medigo.com and found treatment in Dubai for a fraction of what it would cost to go private here - medigo.com/en/gynecology/en...

Thought it might help you also.

Best of luck with your treatment!


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