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What to expect from your first gynecology appointment for endometriosis?



I've been referred to a gynecologist after suffering from constant pain in my lower left side since November, having already had a bunch of tests and ultrasounds which have ruled out pretty much everything else. Given I've also always had very heavy, extremely painful periods that have become progressively worse in the last few years, my GP says he is confident it's endometriosis.

I have no idea what to expect! How do you best prepare for a gynecology appointment like this? How can I make sure I get the best out of it? And what sort of tests/exams might they do on the day?

Thanks :)

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Hello Violet159.

You may find some of the information on our website useful, particularly the following page endometriosis-uk.org/seeing... I hope your consultation goes well

Best wishes

Lynne - Endometriosis UK

When I went I had wrote down where my pains were. Good to do that as you always forget to mention something. They have always done an internal examination on me. They will just ask you all different questions about symptoms you might be experiencing. I normally take someone with me as it’s good having another pair of ears as I find I always get flustered in these kind of appointments. Hope this helps x

Have a read of Nancy’s Nook Facebook page - a treasure trove of information that will give you so much to ask/help your understanding.

Good luck with getting relief.

For me the process was internal exam straight away, referred for trans vaginal ultra sound which was a few weeks after and then put on the waiting list for a lap. It was surprisingly straight forward and fast (except for the waiting list times!).

I’m in the same boat, waiting for my first appointment in June.

Also so worried I will be dismissed again as I have been by so many GPs over the years!

I downloaded the endometriosis diary


It gives you good prompts for trying to explain what you’re going through.

Good luck.

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