Warning about pregnancy and Zoladex!!!

I had a lap last nov to remove endo, i was told to go on zoladex (was told not to worry about unprotected sex, as with the zoladex pcos and bycornuate uterus pregnancy is impossible for us). I found out i was pregnant this week and it appears i caught pregnant around the time i had my last zoladex injection at the end of feb this year. i am just letting all off you know that pregnancy can happen whilst on the zoladex so to be extremly careful. me and my partner are now extremly worried aboit the effect this could have on our unborn baby. I just thought that if people was aware they can take extra care and look out for it if you have had unprotected sex.

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  • What have your doctors said about your pregnancy and the baby?

  • Nothing yet seeing them on Tuesday but i have quite a large bump and can feel movement so I'm quite far along. But because of the zoladex iv not had a period since November. So they are going to have to send me for a scan there and then i think.

  • I think it's incredibly irresponsible to tell a patient that, I was told all about the risks of unprotected sex whilst taking zoladex and also I'm the kind of person who does a lot of research before taking anything new. Your doctor/consultant (whoever it was) needs to be told ASAP before giving someone else such bad advice. I hope it all goes ok and you and baby are just fine. x

  • Thankyou and that is the reasoning behind me posting it. Because of there are other docs or that doc has told several people its completely impossible to get pregnant whilst on it and not too worry. Makes me so angry this happens to me all of the time a doc says one thing but the facts are completly different

  • You must be about 16/17 weeks hun. I'm 13 and I caught in feb, I wasn't on anything though. I just want to say it's very thoughtful of you to post that info because it sounds to me very irresponsible of your dr/consultant. I hope all will be well for u and the baby x

  • Thankyou and yes i have to get a set of maternity jeans today as none of my trousers fit lol so i am defiantly further than 12weeks, I'm sure of it. And yes i agree we are really worried about the effects this could have on our unborn baby, but none the less they will still be our baby and will be there to help them thrive. Congratulations on being pregnant! The reason why i wanted to post it was to just make sure that women are aware it can happen even if the docs tell you its impossible its not. I am so mad that i was fed the wrong information and the doc will be made accountable for her actions and lack of advice and factual information. I really hope this lets people know the risks, i had even been told of a different doc that its not safe when i asked another they told me it was a lie. There is so much conflicting information out there and doesn't appear that alot of docs know what information to give patients. I just hope people will see my experience and trust it, as it is a very delicate situation. I have a lot of risks with pregnancy as i did with my first, and they have no clue what care i need what to do or anything i actually had a tele phone appointment this week with my gp about pregnancy and all she did was prescribe me the highest does of folic acid (of which she also told me its only safe to take up to week 12 of pregnancy otherwise the risk of deformities is through the roof). But yet she has no clue how far i am didn't want me to go in to be examined or anything.

    I hope people will push for a more factual answer when having these questions on zoladex ect.

  • Please don't take this the wrong way.... But didn't your research the drug before you had it? All the information states you HAVE to use barrier forms of contraception while on all GNRH and for a few months after. This is because

    these drugs are a Z class.

    I completely agree that your doctor should have told you to use contraception but as patients, We also need to research and gather information for ourselves.

  • Congrats on being pregnant, I only hope its this easy for me!! The only way to know if something is wrong now id to get a scan and maybe do some tests. Good luck and keep us updated. Congrats again Hun xxx

  • Hey congratulations on bambino. I know it's easy to say don't worry so I won't! I got unexpectedly pregnant 3 months in to a year visa holiday in NZ. Before I knew we were pregnant I was enjoying myself at weekends with booze and such. When we found out I was worried about the effects of alcohol and unborn babies. To stop myself panicking I reasoned that if drug and alcohol abusers and to also people starving in Africa can manage to bring a baby into the world, then hopefully, with as much healthy living as possible, my little baby would be fine! Lo and behold we have a beautiful little son who, in keeping up his surprises, joined us 5 weeks early.

    That is crazy what your Dr said. I definitely research everything myself as I reckon they can't know everything about every drug.

    I wish you guys all the very best with your pregnancy and birth. And a beautiful, happy and healthy child. XxX

    PS. I really do not mean to be offensive with my reasoning so apologies if I have offended anyone. Definitely not my intention!

  • Thankyou. And i did do quite alot of research myself but was never given the option to not have it. Or was told what it was until the second injection. When i did my search i asked several docs about pregnancy and zoladex and also the contraception as i had read it caused quite alot of damage to the baby all of 6docs out of 7 told me it was completly fine and i wouldn't get pregnant also if i did it wouldn't cause any affect to the unborn baby. They told me the week after my last injection to start trying there and then for our next baby, and apparently it wouldn't cause any problems at all. My worries are because of the extensive research i did i now don't believe the docs and only believe what iv read. I haven't taken it the wrong way. This is the whole purpose of this post.

  • Thankyou very much, i just feel so stupid because i listened to the docs instead of all the recurrent information online all stating the same thing. But my nievaty thought that docs would know more about it that online. How wrong was i and that is why this has been posted so that people trust the information that is online and not just take what the docs say as law.

  • I'm curious as I'm not too sure. I am wanting to get pregnant after my lap in July and had my last injection on Thursday last week (was meant to be 19th June but had terrible symptoms/side effects) and I wondered how long it takes to be fully out of tour system and for fertility to fully restore? Also what kind of things can happen if you do get pregnant having Prostap/Zoladex?? I am going to have a high risk pregnancy and birth anyway so wouldn't want a surprise visitor and have any more problems. Thanks in advance and good luck to all of you who are pregnant, wishing you the best of luck for pregnancy and birth. Keep your chin up, not everything is as bad as it seems.

    Leya xxx

  • My last injection was 7 weeks ago. I am still having side effects.... Hot flushes and bone pain.

    The GNRH can take 4 months to get out of your system and so you should

    use barrier forms of contraception during this time.

    The drug can cause miscarriage and birth defects.


  • Thank you, I'd heard it takes around 4 months too. I didn't know about the effects on an unborn child so will definitely leave it a few extra months. There should definitely be more warning about the dangers it has on an unborn child. Thanks again xxx

  • Hi Hun according to my docs it only takes about 3weeks to be out of your system hence the monthly injection. I was also told by docs that it doesn't have any effect and can start trying as soon as you had your last injection. Online states completely different it states it causes quite bad deformities and that it takes 6 month to get out of your system.

  • I guess even though the remnants are out of your system there is still an after effect which causes the birth defects and so on. As for 6 months, that's more than I knew of so will definitely recalculate and will speak to my nurse, gp and specialist to double check as I am wanting to start trying this year. Good luck with the pregnancy, let us all know how you get on xxx

  • Hello,

    Sorry you have had such a terrible time. I just wanted to offer. Reassurance.

    When i was on zoladex my partner and i had a split condom. I paniced was the scariest thing. I did lots of research but there is little info out there. I did find one lady on this forum who got pregnant whilst on zoladex and had a healthy baby girl. She went through hell with worry but all turned out fine.

    Mqybe type in search bar at top and you may find her.

    Hope all works out okxxx

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