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Zoladex and pregnancy

I hope some of you can help!!!

I have just had 4 weeks ago my last shot of zoladex (a three month dose) but I am nowriting panicking that I'm pregnant (I was pregnant last year but had to terminate due to my health issues ) I am feeling exactly the same last time i had symptoms from the word go only thing is when can I tell it's the right time to test

I can't do it when I miss a period as I don't have them I've done a test and its negative but I am sure something isn't normal there have been a few mistakes in that department so I'm not sure when conception would have been.

I'm so worried the zoladex will be harmful and after having to give up my last oregnancy i dont want anything to ruin this one if i am any one else had this and gone through with a pregnancy. Any advice would be great!!!


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Hi, as you have already taken a pregnancy test, and it's negative, it is either too early (there is not quite enough hcg in your system to register on the test) or your body is playing tricks and you are not pregnant.

I guess the best thing is to wait a few more days and take another test. You can get really sensitive tests now (first response, early response tests) which can pick up a hcg level of just 10, whereas others tests can only pick up hcg levels of 20-30)

My last positive pregnancy test was using the sensitive one, and I could see the faintest of lines. I had a blood hcg test done the same day and it was only a hcg level of 13, so they really do pick up very low levels. (Unfortunately this turned out to be a chemical pregnancy and I would have only been just shy of 4weeks pregnant)

I've had zoladex before, and was told to use another form of contraception whilst on this. I'm not sure if this would harm a potential pregnancy or not... I guess I would be asking the consultant or GP who prescribed the injection. Hopefully if you are pregnant there would be little or no risk to the feutus. Sorry I can't help anymore on the zoladex.

Hope you find out for sure if you are pregnant or not and find out how the zoladex may or may not affect this x


Hi, I'm by no means an expert in zoladex but bear in mind it's also used as part of fertility treatment for certain types of patients. I had zoladex myself in preparation of a frozen cycle. This was to calm my endometriosis before the transfer. I don't know if you can draw the conclusion that zoladex is ok for a baby but I always found it strange that they said to use contraception whilst on zoladex and afterwards they transferred out embryo (?). I know it's easier said than done but try to stay calm and test again in a few days, and if it's positive see a doctor. Our bodies are sometimes playing tricks with us!! All the best


Hi Miri-p

I'm on Zoladex too to calm stage 4 endo before we try IVF. Can you tell me whether it's helped you with a pregnancy? I'm hoping it will after 8 natural pregnancy miscarriages, but just don't know. Can I ask you, how many Zoladex implants did you have prior to trying IVF?



Hi, unfortunately it didn't work for us. I had 2 implants and then went on to the FET. And it didn't help ;(. Unfortunately the womb and implantation are very complex things - they still don't know if my eggs are the problem or my womb.. Or something else - who knows ??? I wish you best of luck for your cycle. Those miscarriages must have been tough, well done for persevering!! X


thanks for your response miri-p. I suspect the same thing is going to happen to us and i'm now not even sure if i want to go down the IVF route because I'm 39yrs old and my heart is telling me that it is my uterus(due to adenomyosis and the endometriosis that I just cant carry) and to be honest I couldn't handle anymore MCs, i've taken about as much as i can take- & have been severely depressed at various times during the past 5yrs. I really believe our only option is surrogacy but id loved to be proved wrong. Did you have PGD with your IVF? That has been suggested to us and I think we are going to try it even though it's more expensive, (this is the last ditch) and if it doesnt work, Im done, but at least I'll know whether its my eggs, but I suspect everything is fine because at least 1/2 of my miscarried embryos have been tested at time of D&C and they've all been chromosomally normally.


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