Zoladex depression

Hi Ladies, hope you are all having a good day.

Just wanted to know if anyone else feels desperately depressed right before the next injection? I am due my next injection tomorrow and the last few days have been horrendous, I am so blue and really can't snap out of it, I am pretty sure this happened last month too :(

Also I was wondering if anyone knows how long you can be on Zoladex before you are told to stop, apart from the mood swings Zoladex has really helped me by eliminating my pain and I want to request I am given a little longer on it.

Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks ladies xx

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  • I believe it's 6 months I've had 4 so far, but I've heard of ladies having it for longer, mine havnt worked as well as I would have hoped. Xxx

  • I'm sorry to hear that Tboag, I hope you can find something that helps soon xx

  • Hi Elwood, omg me too! The few days before my injection I'm so so depressed, it's really strange. I don't know why it would be? Perhaps the hormones fading?! I just really don't know...but know that youre 100% not alone in that. I suppose we just have to recognise that it isnt really US feeling like that, it's the hormones? Length of treatment will depend on personal circumstances including age, height and whether you have children/want children. Im on month 5 or 6 months and apart from the depression and occasional hot flush, Im pretty good on it and it seems to have completely stopped the endo growing. I asked to stay on it longer and my doc said he wouldnt advise as I am tall and slim and at high risk of osteoporosis so I guess it will just depend on personal circumstances. He did say that some of his patients are on it for years...

  • Thanks for the reply LA90, that's promising, ideally I would like at least another three months, I am the complete opposite to you at short and stocky so maybe I can?!


  • I'm on it for 9 months. I'm due my 3rd injection next week. I'm really suffering with mood swings, joint pain and hot flushes and there's not yet been improvement in my pain. I'm remaining hopeful though.

  • I have read that it is most effective for early stage endo, my pain relief was almost immediate, when I started it I was only 18 months post surgery so I wonder if I caught it at the right time/stage? My joint pain has just started this week, can't say its much fun but I am not bedridden which is a good compromise I suppose!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that your pain subsides soon xxxx

  • I've had 5 injections of decapeptyl, which is similar, and the week before the injection is due is hell - I feel miserable and awful, and month 4 and 5 I also had bleeding and some pain. Not as much as I was having before, but some. The nurse said it's because I'm not fully suppressed. I've been told they are willing to leave me on it for up to 18 months provided I take livial with it.

  • I am on livial too, I don't think that is side effect free either, my limbs swell up like balloons! Glad your pain has improved though xx

  • I have really bad swelling in my legs and feet. It's very weird.

  • When you are resting give your legs and feet a good massage and then raise them (ideally above your heart so lie down with your feet up on something) the swelling should come down fairly quickly, I think it's because livial is essentially a steroid xx

  • I had this too. It was a real shame because it really helped my pain but it made me so depressed that I was really considering doing something stupid. I didn't think it was fair for my kids to see me in such a bad way every day so I stopped after just 2 doses. Glad it's helping you though.

  • Grrrr its sods law isn't it, find something to help the pain finally,,,,,,then it kicks our butts in other ways instead!


  • I had a 6 month course of Zoladex in 2006. Apart from hot flushes I don't remember any real side effects. The biggest shock I got though was discovering I was pregnant 6 or so weeks after finishing the course. That was unexpected. Since then and 10 years on I've just had to have a full hysterectomy but as for Zoladex, I embraced it as I feel it enabled me to have a child I never thought I'd be able to have. Best of luck with the rest of the course.

    Susan X

  • Hi there, I have taken 6 months of zoladex injections, side effects were too much to bare honestly. I can feel your pain about the depression, I am 4 weeks after the last injection and I still don't feel any better mentally. Still waiting for a period, still with hot flushes and night sweats. I am amazed how you would request more injections. Horrible time I cannot wait to put behind me. If i knew how horrible I was going to feel I probably would have never gone through with it. Hope you are feeling better x

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