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Off for my lap first thing tomorrow - any advice?


Hi ladies - after months of appointments and waiting, I'm finally going in for my lap tomorrow! Hoping to get my left ovary unstuck, my tubes checked and any cysts/endo removed, so I can see what the next step is for getting pregnant (currently been trying over a year with no joy). Trying not to get too overexcited as I know it won't necessarily be good news, I'm just looking forward to getting a bit more 'real' info instead of second-guessing all my symptoms.

I've got peppermint tea, painkillers, hot water bottles, wind relief tablets (HAH!) etc on standby at home for the gas pains, ice cream in the freezer in case of a sore throat, sanitary towels in case of bleeding and lots of nice food in the fridge and cupboards. Lots of magazines to read in hospital too, Just wondered if any of you lovely ladies had any other advice?

Thanks! xxxxx

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Hi good luck, sounds like your pretty organised, don't forget your slippers and dressing gown for walking down to theatre sounds silly but allmost forgot I and the surgical gowns are a bit chilly! A pillow to put on tummy under seatbelt for way home is a good idea too. Mainly I just wanted to wish you luck and I hope you get answers and good news for fertility but just remember even if it's not all positive ie if there's any issues with your tubes remember there is still lots of help as far as fertility goes and this is just the first step to get answers. So rest as much as possible and don't over do things. Oh an laxitives may come in handy after a few days too! Keep ontop of painkillers and take regularly to keep any pains under control. Hope all goes well I'm due my next op next week so am getting sorted too so know how your feeling x

Good luck for tomorrow - you sound as if you've got it all covered.

I found those heat patches you can get from Tesco/boots really good for the shoulder pain, you might make the skin on your shoulders a little sore with placing the hot water bottle on it for any length of time - just a thought.

Recline your car seat SLOWLY - avoid any sudden movements and go slowly over any speed bumps! and yes, you need some ex-lax as well and as lillyflower suggests, keep on top of those pain killers - you can take ibuprofen and paracetamol together but take one laxative at night time because those pills make you constipated. Eat little and often.

Above all, take it easy and do very little for the first week. After day 3 try and walk around your home very slowly and increase this a little a day at a time. You may feel you are well enough to do housework but try and resist it.

Thinking of you - take care and post again after to let us know how you got on :0) x

Hi Mrspanda good luck for your operation. You've pretty much got it covered just make sure you've got jogging bottoms to wear instead of jeans as your tummy will be sore and swollen for a couple of weeks. And get up and walk around as soon as you can. It'll help get the gas shifted! Hope all goes well x

Good luck xxx

Thank you so much for your responses ladies - it all went really well and I'm going to post in the other section with the results, but just wanted to come on here and say thanks first!


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