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Lap in 3 days

Hey ladies

I've got my 1st lap booked in on Wednesday morning. I've been freaking out ever since it's been booked and I've prepped as much as possible to try and calm myself down.

I think I've got everything I need. I've packed pjs, books, phone charger, hairbrush, face wipes, mini toiletries, big knickers, sanitary pads, slippers and a pillow for the way home. I've got some peppermint tea and ginger biscuits for at home as well as stocked up on ibuprofen and paracetamol. I'm planning on having a deep house clean tomorrow to make sure I don't need to do anything when I get home.

Have I forgotten anything or is there anything else you'd suggest me taking with me/having at home/doing to prepare?

I keep having awful nightmares which I know I can't do anything about, just hoping I can try to control everything else!

Thanks lovelies xxx

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It sounds like you have everything really organised it's definitely a good idea to stock up on painkillers, I made sure I had plenty of warm baths and I have a heat pad that was really useful obviously the first few days I couldn't stand anything touching my tummy but throughout the weeks it was really useful.

I had my second laparoscopy in March and honestly I was absolutely petrified because I hate needles but the staff at the hospital were really good with me. I just tried my best to stay as calm as I could on the day but I know it's definitely easier said than done :).

I really hope everything goes well on Wednesday and you have a quick recovery.

Kate Xx


Thank you. I'll get some of the heat pads for sure! Xx


I have one I can plug it has different heat settings and it's well worth the money Xx

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*Hugs* sounds like you're pretty much prepared. If you have sky get some movies/box sets downloaded and ready to watch while recovering. Best of luck and speedy recovery.

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Sounds like you've got everything covered. My top tip was soft prunes from Waitrose to help move things along. It took me a week post lap to have a number 2 and it was awful. The quicker you get the prunes down you afterwards the better x

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Looks like your good to go hun. Try not to panic hun it's not nice I'm not going to lie. You will probably be sleeping a lot after to be honest but that's normal plus the gas you have is not comfortable either. You will be fine though hun . Just make sure you've got help for when you get home to recover xxxx



You sound as though you felt exactly the same as I did before my lap, and I'm sure exactly as how many other ladies on here felt too. It's so normal to feel like this, it's unknown to us after all, and we just want answers about our body!

Every recovery is different and individual however I found that I wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought I was going to be. They give you pain relief as soon as you come round in the recovery room, and aside from that I just needed paracetamol and ibuprofen once I was home later on that day. So definitely good idea to have stocked up on these.

You're likely to feel tired too and lethargic for a little while afterwards, and this again can be so so different for each lady. I've read about some ladies going back to work after 3/4 days!!!! I went back after 2 weeks but really could've done with another few days to be honest. And I've read other ladies going back after 8 weeks. The only thing we know for sure is how our bodies feel, there's little use in comparing ourselves to others...we are all so unique, and so are our recoveries too!!

I found that once I felt like eating after the op, and they gave me a sandwich, I needed so much water to eat it. My mouth was completely dry. And although of course they give you water, it might be handy to have a couple of extra bottles in your bag so you don't have to keep asking for refills.

If you've got a dressing gown too, this would be handy. However it's not so important....it's literally for walking from your bed to the pre-op room before your lap...the gown they give you to wear ties up at the back and has a gap, however they would help you out with that I'm sure if you didn't have a dressing gown with you.

And lastly once you're home and you feel like getting up and doing something, make it just a little thing but try and get into a little routine. Even if it's just waking up at the same time, getting out of bed at the same time, doing something very light round the house, sofa time.....etc. I just found getting into a routine helps so much with your state of mind. Someone suggested it to me partway through my recovery as I was beginning to feel a little bit sorry for myself just laying around, and this really helped.

And keep a positive mind as much as you can.....I'm sure it makes our recovery quicker to stay positive, as difficult as that sounds right now, I know.

They are experts and they will all be doing everything to look after you perfectly. And remember that if you go into the anaesthetic feeling calm, you will come round feeling more calm.

I promise that it will be a better experience than you're expecting it to be...it won't be as bad as you think. Look after yourself once you're home and only try and let positive happy visitors round 😊 I found I really took on the mood of the person coming to visit me, and I felt moods and emotions so much more strongly, so happy visitors only 😊

I'll keep you in my thoughts on Wednesday, you will be absolutely fine.

With love xx

P.s. Love the house deep clean idea!!! 😊

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Please don't worry, honey. I was scared before surgery, too, but the hospital was amazing and it all went very smoothly.

There can be post-surgery pain for a week or so, but it's manageable. I recommend preparing meals in advance and having someone with TLC on hand to take care of you at home for a few days (including cooking your meals and answering the door). I made up a bed on the sofa downstairs for my first days home. Hot water bottles / heat pads also help with the pain.

The post-surgery bloating and constipation isn't great, so please stock up on Milk of Magnesia, prune juice, psyllium husk or similar.

You can also help the healing process along. I used Pharma Nord's Selenium & Zinc supplement and Heal Gel ointment. My G.P. was astonished at how quickly my scars healed.

You'll love your new pain-free life.

Love, hugs & luck, x


Hey lovely, I had my second lap on Friday so thought I might be able to offer some words of wisdom from my recovery bed!

After my operation I was calling my husband to collect me really soon. I went in to theatre at 2 and was on the way home at 5. They'll let you go home as long as you feel ok and you manage to have a wee. So drink lots leading up to and after your op so you can get yourself on the loo! Another lady mentioned your mouth with be dry and that's very true! I couldn't eat much on the ward because I couldn't swallow it.

The gas pain varies. My first op I was in a lot of pain for a while but this time it's been a lot easier. Try to get yourself moving afterwards as much as you can as it helps to get it dislodged. Use plenty of pillows to prop yourself up in bed and get one under each elbow to lift up your shoulders. I've found raising my arms over my head relieved the pain from my chest and shoulders. A heat pad has been so helpful either on my ribs or my shoulders.

The last thing I've felt this time is my throat has been sore, as they give you a breathing tube in theatre (you'll know nothing about it don't worry!). Lots of warm drinks and some nice sweets to suck should do the trick 😊.

Try not to worry too much, I was very nervous this time and I let all the nurses know. They really looked after me. I'm now so glad to be on the other side and you will be too very soon!

Lots of love x

Ps I haven't been for a number 2 since before the op so hoping today is the day!


Hi. How are you doing? I'm having a lap on Wednesday morning too. Sounds like you have everything covered, all I would add is ear plugs and a sleep mask so you can rest in peace. Be kind to yourself after with rest so you can heal. Take care and keep positive xx


Had my first lap last Thursday not half as bad as I thought it was going to be, only pain Iv had is slight period pain am up and about now you will be fine nurses are Brillient they will look after you! 😊


Went diwn fir lap at 11 am was at home by 2'30 pm all the best x


Hi best of luck today, sounds like you are really well prepared. It's only normal for you to feel nervous, I was so scared for my first one and knowing I would need another a few weeks later I said to my husband it really wasn't as bad as I thought and ready for my next one which I never thought I would say ha! Just take it easy when you get home and rest up. Just sort little trips to the toilet to get you out of bed if you don't feel like much else the first day or so. Tell the staff if you are nervous I always have and they really look after you. Xxx


I was same - I told Dr and anaesthetist I was nervous and I got something to relax me before it.

A pillow for tummy on drive home - stop seat belt hurting.

Good luck with it. X


hi. How did you get on with your lap on Wednesday?

hope your comfortable and resting 😊 xx


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