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Ruptured Cyst?

I woke up in severe pain last night, feeling nauseas, hyperventilating and pain down my thighs and lower back. I took some co-codamol and filled a hot water bottle and felt a bit better after a while, didn't get much sleep though.

I phoned NHS24 this morning, I told her im on painkillers for a cyst on my left ovary, that i have endometriosis and the symptoms were the same as the last time I had a ruptured cyst. She told me it's because I'm constipated and I should watch my diet.....

I have an appointment with the Dr this afternoon as I don't agree with the NHS24 woman. I don't have any severe pain now but I just wondered if anyone has had ruptured cysts and was it like what I have had? And felt just a wee bit sore the next day as opposed to excruciating pain?

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Hiya,I was unfortunate to hav 4 ruptured cysts over d last few years.....regarding ur symptoms last night I wud advise a visit 2 ur doctor to get checked over....everyone of us react differently bt in my own experience wen d pain kicked in it never calmed down,neither by taking painkillers nor using d hot water bottle n wud eventually(within 24hrs)hav 2 go 2 d hospital by ambulance and into theatre within hours on each occasion....hopefully ur doctor will b able to give u peace of mind...best of luck :)


Urm clearly NHS 24 never had a cyst explode, as there is a very big difference to just being constipated !!! They really are muppets at times. Yes definitely see your GP and get it on your records that you have had a suspected burst cyst and hopefully your GP will send you for a scan to check that was it. and a follow up scan to check in case it refills up again.


Yes I have had a number of cysts rupture dramatically and others that have slowly leaked out their contents.

The pain is excruciating and the worse pain I have ever felt. For me the dramatic pain lasts a few days (I've usually been rushed to hospital at this point) then

I am left with less severe pain for a few weeks.

My doctor told me that the pain continues for a few weeks as all the contents from the cysts has gone into your pelvis and has irritated everything it's touched. Unfortunately the contents of these cysts also contribute to the formation of adhesions.

I have also needed antibiotics twice after a ruptured cyst as it had caused an infection.

Please let me know how your doctors appointment goes.



I'm glad you posted this...makes me feel a little less mad!!

Basically, I was getting the usual signs that my period was near with slight pains and spotting.

When I woke up one morning, I felt ok, but I could feel the pain increasing as I was getting ready for work.

I suddenly had the most horrendous intense pain, which on a scale of 1-10 was a 10+. I can't specifically say if the pain was from a certain side as it was so intense.

I felt like I was going to be sick, I then felt like I was going to faint so I ended up lying on the bathroom floor but after not feeling any better, I tried to elevate my legs but I couldn't for any length of time as I was shaking so much.

I've got endometriosis and had my last laparoscopy in September. We are trying to conceive and have been for over a year, so I was also taking Clomid on days 2-6 of my cycle.

Before I had my first laparoscopy in 2010, I suffered with quite bad pains with my periods, but this was something totally different.

It was the sort of pain that made you want to squeeze something to death and roll around the floor if you could actually move.

My husband found some co codamol left over from my op that thankfully took the edge off it to about a 6. It went back up to about an 8 in the afternoon when the tablets wore off, but decreased again when I took some more.

The next day, I just felt extremely exhausted and the pain level was around 5-6 with taking 2x 400mg ibuprofen when required.

I had initial concerns it may have been an ectopic pregnancy, but with the pain subsiding, we weren't sure if this could have been the case.

I rang the gyne and spoke to the nurse who said she didn't think it sounded like an ectopic with when it happened and suggested it might be the endo flaring up again!

Could the Clomid after 4 rounds be aggravating the Endometriosis to the level that it could cause this pain again and to such severity or could it have been a ruptured cyst?

My period wasn't particular abnormal. The only thing I noticed on day 5 was passing something which was like a white/cream tissue like mass which had pink/red colouring within it? Google hasn't really assisted with my search...

My last appointment with the gyne was meant to be the start of our IVF referral, but he wants to do a scan to see whether it was a ruptured cyst...can't help but feel disappointed and annoyed that the nurse could have suggested this a few months ago and we'd be moving forward!! :-(


Although I haven't went through the same as you, I understand to an extent the frustration of not knowing whats going on and the lack of information there is out there, I have found that even the specialists have provided me with very little info....or sympathy! I have read on some other posts that a couple of women decided "to ride out" the ruptured cyst at home instead of going to a&e before just being sent home so that's why I just wondered how long a ruptured cyst affected most people. I hope they are speedy with your scan and your IVF treatment is a success!


Hello, I had a ruptured haemorhagic cyst recently. I was walking down the road and collapsed in agony, I could not move at all, my other half near of carried me back to the car but what ever position I sat in the pain got worse. I had 48 hours of continual pain and was hospitalised to get it under control. The pain was so bad I couldn't sit or lay on the hospital bed I had to crouch on the floor being sick. When they scanned me they diagnosed the rupture. x


I have a feeling my cysts in the past have not been huge but enough to cause some amount of pain when they rupture. I get exactly that same pain, excruciating, end up rocking on the floor because your backs sore but your fronts sore too, then nauseas and hyperventilating. I feel lucky my severe pain hasn't seemed to last as long as other peoples.


My GP referred me to the hospital...where I ended up waiting 10 and a half hours to see a doctor! I have came home with antibiotics for an infection that doesn't even exist (they took a swab) and they have decided to book me in for a scan and diagnostic keyhole surgery. Although my pain is dull and achey it can be worse at times and is restricting my sleep and limiting what I can do at work.

I think I could have turned up at that hospital with an arm missing and they would still make me feel like I am wasting their time. The doctor was just like yeah you're tender and the cyst is only tiny. Well I've had ruptured cysts before, it was the same symptoms so I was worried. I thought the least they could have done was to give me a scan before I went home.


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