Worried- cyst ruptured?

I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo in Oct last yr, several adhesions on left and right pelvic wall,obliterated POD,endo on bowel and bladder, cervix stuck to bowel,uterus stuck to bowel, mri showed 2fibroids and follicle cysts containing blood. I've got 1st appointment at BSGE centre next Tues but for over a week I've had on/off severe sharp pains in right ovary area,and a bit of dark bleeding,it's a new pain for me,not a period and no period pain,went to walk to primary care yesterday- there's blood in my urine and white blood cells so I've got infection. I was discharged as not appendicitis or twisted ovary but I'm worried a cyst's leaked hence the pain and infection?! I'm going back to docs as I stupidly turned down the antibiotics for my 'bladder infection' as I haven't got cystitis. They only prescribed me codeine.

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  • hi Cornish40 sorry to hear about your pain. I had a different cyst to the ones you mention, it was a chocolate cyst and it ruptured. For over a week I had severe pains, not like period pains just like stabbing pains and my doctor thought it was cystitis and I was given antibiotics and then one evening I had the worst pain, I didn't know I had Endo or a cyst, so I thought it was appendicitis. I was admitted to hospital via ambulance and they also thought it appendicitis but when they opened me up (keyhole) they found the fluid in my abdomen and that's how I found out it was a cyst. I had white blood cells in my urine too. Can you call the BSGE centre and explain to them what has happened? Are they there on a Sunday? x

  • Hi Gemma

    Thanks for your reply. What a way to find out you've got endo.:-/ . Sounds like you've got a lot going on in there too. Habe you had any more cysts since?I'll ring bsge tmrw I doubt they're there today,it's 2hrs drive from me and app is Tues 31st and yesterday soon as they looked at my notes they said it was just part of my endo. But I'm due on period next wk, I shouldn't be having any pain in my ovary at this part of cycle let alone sharp stabbing and the dark brown stuff can't be right. It's not adhesion pain, totally different. I said I didn't have cystitis and didn't want to take antibiotics for non existant cystitis and they were happy not to treat the cause of white blood cells in my pee! I'm more angry with myself though really.

  • don't be angry with yourself! It's so frustrating when you know something isn't right but you don't know what it is so you go to someone to help and it just leaves you with more questions! I would ring them tomorrow, the worst thing that could happen is for you to get into so much pain that you end up in a and e and then they just treat the pain and don't sort out the issue. That's what happened to me, they drained the cyst so in a month it was back, I then luckily had private healthcare with work so I referred myself to one gynae, then joined this site and realised I needed a specialist ao refereed myslef again. I spent six months in pain after being treated incorrectly at a and e, had my proper surgery in October and am now mending. So I fully understand your frustrations and anger. Try and treat the pain with a hot water bottle and tablets if they help and then call them tomorrow. Hope the pain isn't too bad today. Before I knew I had a cyst I would get strange mid month pains every now again and was told it was the ovary realeasingbthe egg? And I would bleed old brown blood, so fingers crossed it's just a side effect of Endo rather than a rupture. Keep your chin up and hope today is pain free x

  • Hi I went back to work today after getting some antibiotics yesterday. The codeine and antib seem to be working as the pain has gone. Just bleeding tar! Nice. I'm sure it's from a burst cyst. The pain was shocking. And yes I've heard that drained cysts just fill up again. They should've got rid of it for you. Thank you for your replies it helps when someone's been through the same! X

  • I am so pleased the pain has gone, it must be such a relief! I know what it's like dealing with stuff and having all kinds of thoughts running round in your head! I am glad it helped. Good luck at your appointment and hopefully this time next year it will all be a distant memory! x

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