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Ruptured cyst?

Hello ladies,

Have any of you ever experienced a ruptured cyst? I'm concerned this might have happened but then again I might be overreacting.

I've currently got a strong pain in my pelvic region on the left hand side. It's similar to cramp but feels different it's a sharper pain. I'm feeling nauseous although haven't yet vomited but feel like I need to. Am also feeling very warm.

Anyone experienced anything similar?



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I get them every so often ! The feeling I get is at first I think it’s my endo playing up and that there is a lot of pressure in my pelvis Then all a Suddon I have so much pain that I can’t move but you feel like you need to move to try and find a place that’s comfortable but it never goes away, it’s always in one side of my overies that’s most affected but the pain goes to my back and bum and I just feel pain all over that area.

The extrem pain normal last half an hour to an hour, some time longer but I’ll be in pain which is like my normal endo pain maybe a bit worse for a few days. 2 occasion iv end up in hospital due to the pain.

Come to think of it I also thought I wanted to be sick but not always.

I hope this helps, and I’m sorry your going Throw this! It’s horrible xx


I’ve never had it confirmed but I’m convinced I have. I’ve experienced all of the symptoms you describe. It’s almost like a fever, I generally end up laying on the floor in ball praying for it to pass or kill me quicker. I generally vomit as it reaches a height. I also noticed this seemed exacerbated by alcohol - so have reluctantly gone tee total and so far haven’t had an episode like it. But have also started treatment to stop everything working naturally.

I again don’t know if it is coincidental, but it tends to occur around ovulation, and seems to be followed by the diagnosis of a UTI. Keep a big bottle of water handy, and if you can keep them down your usual pain relief?

Hope you get some relief soon x


I’ve had both torsion of a cyst (several times) and a ruptured cyst. I had large endometriomas (chocolate cysts). In my experience the torsion caused breath taking extreme pain, I was unable to move, could not talk, went white as a sheet apparently and sweaty and clammy. When like this it is a medical emergency as blood supply can be restricted to your ovary. On the third occasion for me I ended up with a deep vein thrombosis a week later. When I ruptured a cyst it was similar, but for me the main difference was that when a torsion resolved itself I felt reasonably comfortable again quite quickly, but whenI ruptured a cyst I was in a lot of discomfort for a week or more as the fluid that leaks into the abdominal cavity causes a lot of discomfort.


Hi, I had a rupture and torsion (they think). The pain was so bad my fiancé had to call an ambulance. I was in hospital for a week on morphine and I looked like I was 6 months pregnant. I was sweaty, clammy, shaking and vomiting. I thinkit depends on the size of the cyst and how much blood is lost into your abdominal cavity as it’s that that causes the pain. Btw this is all the dr’s best guess of what the problem was. After ct scan, ultrasound and MRI they still say they can’t be 100%. Frustrating isn’t it? Clarity would be nice.


I have had a ruptured left ovarian cyst and woke up with pain in my left side. Then slowly the pain spread upwards into the rest of my abdominal cavity as the fluid rose (I guess). Being so used to severe abdominal pain I just winced and limped through it all day then eventually called for an ambulance at 10pm. They found my body temperature to be raised and my blood sugar was low even though I’d eaten something. So I was taken to A&E where they diagnosed me based on my symptoms and gave me IV paracetamol which took the edge off and they sent me home at 3am. The pain just continued to subside over the next couple of days.


Thank you all for your comments. I had a scan this morning and have indeed ruptured a cyst. Fortunately doc only sees fluid which he said doesn't require intervention. Got some pain meds and am off work hoping pain passes soon.


I hope you are feeling much better Clara.


I have had a ruptured cyst, for me the pain was worse as bad as labour! I passed out from the psi. And my husband called an ambulance, when I woke I was in A & E being treated with pain relief. It was excruciating. Hope your ok x


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