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RUPTURED CYST? Advice please

I have endo, including chocolate cysts on both ovaries & adenomyosis. Woke up at 5am this morning in unbelievable pain. Sorry if tmi but felt like my vagina was going to explode as well as my rectum as there was huge pressure there and some bleeding from my rectum as well. Plus the worst stomach cramp I've ever had with sharp stabbing pains and nausea. Have been fortunate enough to never had a ruptured cyst before so don't know if this is what I experienced or not?? It's now been 3 hours and I feel like I'm over the worst of it with the pain being about 7 out of 10 as opposed to earlier when it was 10+++. I'm due for excision surgery for endo & hysterectomy for Adeno 1 week today. If it is a ruptured cyst do I need to go to hospital or do anything about it? I don't see what they could do anyway? I can't even take my codeine or tramadol now as I have to do a bowel prep ready for surgery next Thursday and can't take any "blocking agents" between now and then. Am I better off just staying in bed until the pain subsides because surely it won't last forever anyway if it's a burst cyst??? My GP practice isn't open yet but would probably just tell me to go to A&E. They wouldn't even deal with my husbands finger when he shut it in a car door! They took 1 look at it & told him to go to A&E who just bandaged it up anyway! Local A&E here is so bad you avoid it if at all possible so really don't want to go there! Can I just ride out the pain?

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Sorry to hear this do you have any anti inflammatory's you can take them and they won't cause any blockages and do help a bit you can get naproxen from your gp as they are much stronger than regular nurofen etc...

It does sound as if a cyst has burst but your right A & E will do bugger all as you are already booked in for surgery I would ride it out if you can but do tell your consultant as it may be messy inside. X



You poor thing - I hope the pain has eased off a bit now? I had very similar thing over Christmas, think it was a burst cyst as well. I ended up going to A&E as the GP wasn't open, and I couldn't keep any pain medication down - as soon as I had even a sip of water I was throwing up. It was altogether very unpleasant. A&E were absolutely useless and I wish I hadn't bothered to be honest. In the end I walked (or crawled rather) out of the hospital and I used the 111 service to get an out of hours doctor out who could administer an anti-nausea injection, and who also gave me a prescription for Oramorph (liquid morphine) to get the pain under control. I've had what I think were burst cysts before, that eased off over a day, but this time it went on and on! (about 2 weeks)

I do hope yours subsides soon, but do take care - if you're taking NSAIDs like ibuprofen just make sure you eat a little bit before you take them, even if it's just a glass of milk. I've since had an appointment with the endo specialist at the hospital and am booked in for a lap too. When I was telling him about this episode, he seemed to think there wasn't much that could be done, and he would advise against emergency surgery as it can make matters worse in the long term, especially if it's a surgeon who doesn't know enough about operating on endo.

Hot water bottles helped a bit! look after yourself,



Hi again confusedandworried

You can pretty much expect the pain of a ruptured cyst to be up with the worst pain you'll experience. Mine was a very large one and ruptured 4 times before I was taken notice of. In a instant I was totally immobilised and my abdomen went rigid as a board. This called an acute abdomen as all the muscles tense to protect your organs as all your body knows you've suffered a sudden and extreme trauma. At the time I had been effectively barred from my GP practice for claiming to have something wrong (usual story!) but on the 3rd time I went to A and E; by the time I was seen the pain had subsided so I was sent home. The 4th time I knew I was in trouble so sent for a GP to come to the house but again by the time he arrived it had subsided as it was clear I was wasting his time. But I'm not sure about blood from the bottom.

See if it all subsides but Mr T wouldn't want anyone else interferring with your insides. If it does, then write down everything that happened so you can describe it to him, but I should call his secretary anyway and see what they advise in view of your impending surgery. The problem with cysts bursting is that they can spread endo around but if you are having total peritoneal excision this should hopefully prevent it from causing future problems. He will know when he goes in if a cyst has burst. Lx


Thanks Lindle.

Thankfully the pain has subsided but that was 3 hours of my life I wouldn't want to repeat ever again!

Hopefully it hasn't created too much more of a mess for Mr T to clean up.

Sod's law when I'm only 1 week away from surgery now😒.



That's just what I thought! x


Update! Just got back from doctor who agreed that it was a ruptured cyst. I have a slight temperature as well so he has put me on 2 lots of antibiotics to ensure my surgery can go ahead next week. Just realised today's fri 13th as well, lol! x


Hi thanks for your responses. The worst of the pain has definitely worn off but it was 3 hours of excruciating pain that I don't want to repeat again!

Unfortunately I can't take anti inflammatories as they make me vomit.

Sod's law this happened when I'm only 1 wk away from surgery 😣. But at least I know what it was likely to be that caused the pain, thank you, and that there is no point going to A&E thank god.

My husband had to go to A&E last year after accidentally squirting the dogs flea & worm treatment (a poison) in his eye (he is a bit accident prone!) & nobody even looked in his eye for 4 hours whilst the local drug user who was openly admitting to everyone in A&E that he was only there to try & get a bed for the night was seen by a triage nurse and a doctor before my husband!



I didn't have a great experience when I ended up in A&E via ambulance after a ruptured cyst! Not worth the effort!!

I found the pain to be worse than child birth. It went on and on with no let up, horrendous. I am glad you are through the worst. I have had two ruptures now, the pain does last for quite some time afterwards I am afraid. It gradually got better over a number of days, but for the first few I could hardly stand up straight.

So sorry you are lacking pain relief options. I would love some gas and air at home! X


Many thanks. Update! Just got back from doctor who agreed that it was a ruptured cyst. I have a slight temperature as well so he has put me on 2 lots of antibiotics to ensure my surgery can go ahead next week. Just realised today's fri 13th as well, lol! x


Glad you got it sorted. I so feel for you. Two weeks ago I woke up to the most extreme pain I have ever experienced and it was a ruptured chocolate cyst. The doc at A&E said that people often say it's worse than childbirth. A ruptured cyst is a medical emergency as your body goes into shock and you should be seen by a doc. Raised temp and white blood cell count are all signs of that. I was operated on within two hours despite being on the waiting list for lap surgery. They removed the contents of the ruptured cyst and severe endo. Best of luck with your op.


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